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Teresa Solano Bernal

Interviewer: Augie Lopez

Where and when were you born?
I was born in Fairfield, Texas on September 15, 1907.

What was your address in Barrio Anita?
911 N. Anita. I must have come to Anita about 49 years ago. We stayed there about 23 years. I only paid $7,500 for that house and that included the lot.

Did you marry?
Oh yeah, Thelma Compton. We had 64 years and two days, my wife and myself.

How did you meet?
Well I met her at a conference, and after the next time I met her, we got married. She was 16 and I was 21. We never separated or never went down for a divorce.

Do you have children?
I have three daughters and one son. Howard Lee Compton, Caroline, Margaret, and Ernestine. They all graduated from Davis, Spring Junior High, and Tucson High. We lived there because it was walking distance to the school, and right across the street from Spring.

Do you have any special memories of Barrio Anita?
I enjoyed living on Anita and I never had any trouble with the people on Anita street.

What did you enjoy about the barrio?
I always made friends because of the way I lived.

Do you ever visit Barrio Anita?
Yes. It's kind of heart breaking when I go down through there, because I think of the days I lived there and then it brings back all the memories of my wife and my children. I used to have a garden there and I kept it for 25 years. It just looks like everything is being remodeled and rebuilt, and it's slowed down there.

What do you think was best about Barrio Anita when you lived there?
Well, I think that I could have left Anita way before I did. I didn’t though, because of the convenience and the people that I had got acquainted with. They never gave me any trouble and I never gave them any. It was just like home sweet home. My kids loved it, and they had a big playground to play on. I just fell in love with Anita; I love Barrio Anita.

Source: Teresa Bernal 7-6-99

The Bernal family from left: Mary Lou, Madge,
John, Armando, and Margarita ”Margie” the baby.

Cooling off in the irrigation ditch: Magdelena Bernal,
Armando Bernal, John Bernal, and other
neighborhood children.

Teresa Bernal and Marylou 1944

Birthday party at 682 N. Anita Jan 1960. Center Margie
Bernal age 6 in hat with brother Martin Bernal, Henry,
Chapo, O’Kelly and other children