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Re: Jose Maria Sosa Room, Casa del Gobernador, and Soza Ranch State Park

The Soza / Sosa Fund was able to achieve and underwrite the cost of restoration of the Jose Maria Sosa Room in the Casa del Gobernador thereby indelibly and permanently identifying our family with a national historical landmark located in downtown Tucson.

To achieve all this, the Soza / Sosa Fund obtained a loan of $3000.00 making possible the (timely) Soza / Sosa Fund's gift to the THF of $5,000.00 on October 26, 1972. The loan of $3000.00 must be repaid and we ask you to help us accomplish this before October 26, 1973.

To date the Soza / Sosa Fund has received $2,613.78 in donations plus small interest earnings. On March 28, 1973, the first installment payment of $500.00 was paid, leaving an unpaid balance of $2,500.00.

All donors to the Soza / Sosa Fund will have their names listed in the Memory Book containing an Honor Roll of donors. Juan Eduardo Soza Rodriguez of Pasadena will do the art work on parchment paper and in hand lettering and the Memory Nook will be donated to the THF for display in the Soza / Sosa Room. Juan is the grandson of Juan Soza of Tempe (1851-1915) and the great grandson of Calixto Sosa (1828-1856). If you have already donated and wish to donate a second time, may we suggest a gift in honor or memory of a loved one. We already have two such gifts memorializing loved parents. Thus far, we have 62 names on our honor roll, and expect to reach 100 names.

We still need authentic 1880 - 1890 furniture, photographs, etc. to go with our Soza / Sosa Genealogy, for display in the Soza / Sosa Room. We need photographs of Placido C. Soza and Manuel Sosa (1825-1850) and Jose Maria Sosa (1910-18?).

Mr. Ezekiel Rodriguez Soza of South Pole and Mount Soza fame has donated his Congressional Medal, South Pole maps, documents, etc. for display in the Soza / Sosa Room. The Soza / Moreno, Soza / Sotelo, Sosa / McKenna branches of the family are well represented with photographs and documents, so urge all other branches to respond, correspond and cooperate in this historical project.

Our newest project is to create in time for the Bicentennial of Tucson and the United Stated of America in 1975-76 The Soza Ranch State Park at Redington. This is the site of the former Soza Ranch, formerly owned by my grandfather Antonio C. Soza. The site is noted on a U.S. Geological Survey map as the Soza Ranch, Soza Wash, Soza Mesa, and Soza Canyon. I have formally requested the Arizona State Park Board to set aside five (5) sections or 3200 acres for this purpose. To more immediately implement the State Park, I have requested the Arizona State Land Commissioner to transfer to the Arizona State Park Board those State lands lying within the five sections. At a recent Historical Workshop at the University of Arizona, I had the opportunity to discuss this project with several key persons and have received pledges of support and help in refining our application for a State Park.

This a more difficult and complex task than the Soza / Sosa Room, but we feel very strongly about why the Soza Ranch State Park should be accomplished; namely to preserve in its original setting and condition an area that is historically, culturally, ecologically, and archaeologically important; Also Father Eusebio Francisco Kino visited many Indian villages in the San Pedro River valley, including the site of the former Soza Ranch at Redington. See page 364 Rim of Christendom by Herbert Eugene Bolton. and very importantly it links with a family with a 200 year history with Arizona. We believe this to be a noble, worthy and just cause and invite your prayers.

Lastly, if you had any changes of address in your family as to births, marriages, burials, remarriages, please send me the names and dates. If you have not already completed your family tree, we urge you to send it soon. After attendance at four major social and civic functions in Tucson, I can tell you that the Soza / Sosa Families have excited and interested many persons important in cultural, historical and civic circles, and they welcome our participation. We thank those that participated with us, and we welcome those intending to join our efforts.

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