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SOZA FAMILY NEWSLETTER Vol. 3, No. 2 August 1995

This writer is pleased to announce that a third manuscript has been completed; following the two previously mentioned in the February 1995 Newsletter. New World Odyssey, A Search For Roots: The Sosa, Soza Families of Arizona is the third manuscript.

It brings together an accumulation of random notes on the Sosa, Soza surname in the New World from 1530 to 1726. It is intended as a genealogical and historical road map toward the questions of Who are we?, and Where did we come from?

It does not answer the questions, but it does provide sufficient information to whet the appetite of any historian or genealogist. Surname Sosa appears as early as 1530 in Mexico, to Sossa in Fronteras, Sonora in 1726.

Participation by Territorial Arizona Hispanics and Mexicans in the Homestead Act of May 20, 1862, during the 1870-1908 period is extensively documented by National Archival material and records.

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#1 Hispanic Homesteaders in Arizona 1870 - 1908

#2 Mexican Homesteaders in the San Pedro River Valley 1870-1908
#3 New World Odyssey, A Search for Roots: The Sosa, Soza Families of Arizona.

Through their generosity, copies have been presented by and to the following locations:
N.A. Gonzales, Jr Stacey Ann Guzman Dollie Halbrook
Holly Maria Nease Harry R. Soza Lawrence E. Soza
Phyllis F. Soza Soza Family Reunion Committee.

Altadena Library, Altadena, CA
Arizona Historical Society, Tucson, AZ
Arizona State Library & Archives, Phoenix, AZ
Arizona, University of, Tucson, AZ
Arizona State Tubac Presidio Park, Tubac, AZ
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Bancroft Library, Berkeley, CA
Huntington Library, San Marino, CA
National Archives, Pacific Southwest Region, Laguna Niguel, Ca
Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
Southwestern Mission Research Center, Tucson, AZ
Tempe Historical Museum, Tempe, AZ

Sponsors are needed to place copies at additional research university libraries at Flagstaff & Tucson, AZ; Los Angeles, CA;
Albuquerque, NM; and Austin & El Paso, TX

At the 1995 Tucson convention, Jose A. Esquibel, New Mexico presented an extremely interesting paper: Tragedy Among Oñate's Colony: Chronicle of the Sosa Albornoz Family.

This tragedy, during the 1598 Onate expedition into New Mexico is captured in the epic poem: HISTORIA de la NUEVA MEXICO, 1610, by Gaspar Perez De Villagra, a member of the Oñate expedition. Translated & Edited by M. Encinas, A Rodriguez, and J.P. Sanchez, University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, 1992

Two Sosa families, accompanied by respective wives and children, were part of the expedition, and are prominently mentioned.

Memorial (petition) sent to the United States Congress on February 17, 1871 by the Legislature, Arizona Territory on the Outrages perpetuated by the Apache Indians 1869 and 1870.

The Arizona Territorial Government was seeking federal relief, hence the Memorial, with accompanying witnesses affidavit. One affidavit by Grandfather Antonio C. Soza is reproduced below:

"Antonio Soso (sic) sworn: Farmer and native of this Territory, testifies to the murder of Juan Saize (sic) and an attack upon himself and party, on November 1869, in which two horses were killed and two men wounded, by the Apache Indians. On same day, the Apaches stole from him and others 100 head of cattle - witness losing all he had...."

Affidavits were also filed by the following:
Mariano Samaniego Ignacio Varella Juan Elias
Francisco Romero Antonio Grijalba Jose Herreras
Leopolde Carrillo Mathies Romero Jesus B Elias
Joaquin Telles Francisco Gunez (sic) Guadalupe Saiz
Jose Bustamenta Sabino Otero Ganbiano Ortega
Tranqilliano Vasques Nepomoceno Baragan Juan Jose Ortiz
Jesus Maria Ortiz Ramon Pacheco Conrado Aguirre
Guillermo Telles Saberiano Ortiz Martin Varalas
Jesus Gonzales Teodoro Pesqueria Nasario Ortiz
Antonio Contraras (sic) Santa Cruz Castanida (sic)

Treasurer Katherine Lee reports that as of July 19, 1995 the bank balance of the Soza Family Reunion is $2,363.52. This reflects a decline of $130.52 from October 1994, due to distribution of newsletter and manuscripts.

A special vote of thanks goes to Kay for her continuing role as Treasurer for the Soza Family Reunion. Thanks you Kay.

Antonio V. Soza , Helendale, Ca produced the Soza Ranch Schematic and information. A debt of gratitude to Antonio for his keen devotion in retracing the Soza Ranch compound at Redington, AZ.
SAM SOZA, A Remembrance
Ernest H. Elwood, Los Angeles provided a copy of a letter 1/24/38 written by the late Sam Soza. This tender and loving letter to his sister Carrie, laments the loss of their sister Carmen, and consoles Carrie on the loss of her husband.

The reality and deprivation of the 1930's Depression comes alive. Work was intermittent or unavailable, and money was always tight.

In 1986, Sam wrote about working as a mule skinner during the 1921 excavation of the Rose Bowl. Sam worked the midnight shift on the 24 hour excavation schedule. The letter states that the first football team to play in the Rose Bowl was "some team from the east."

Ernest H. Elwood submitted the Coats of Arms information. Originally reprinted with permission. For fresh information, contact Armas de Espana, 3 Rancho Jurupa Place, Phillips Ranch, Pomona, CA 91766-4774

Lucille Kamilos, Riverside, Ca writes of her visit to U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Va. to learn more about Zeke's experiences at Antarctica. Lucille explains that her father and Zeke's mother were brother and sister. Zeke and Lucille grew up more as brother and sister, than as cousins.

Lucille is very ecstatic about her reception at Reston, Va. and meeting a former personal friend of Zeke's. The trip was very rewarding with Lucille being able to obtain more information.

If you visit the Washington, DC area, contact USGS Public Affairs Office 703-648-4463 for status of Antarctica exhibits at:
U.S. Geological Survey Visitor Center, Reston, Va. or the Museum at the Dept. of Interior Bldg. 1849 C Street NW, Wash. DC 20240.

You can participate in future newsletters. Share with readers bits & pieces, letters, documents, historical data, details about your branch family's history. Send in copies of letters, documents, or comments to share with your extended family.

With kindest best wishes to all, Sincerely

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