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SOZA FAMILY NEWSLETTER Vol. 1, No. 3 December 1, 1993

At the 1982 Tucson Reunion, this writer promised to hold the next reunion in Tempe. Too many years have passed between the lip and the slip. The time has come to keep that promise: provided there is wide spread enthusiasm, interest and support.

Gathering in Tempe, we would invoke the memory of family members that settled here long before the turn of the century, namely Juan Soza, Placido C. Soza and Nicolas C. Soza

Thirty years ago, when the family genealogical work commenced, the then respective "aunts" and" uncles" were the "elders". Now it is this writer's generation that are the "elders"

A reunion in Tempe would also afford an opportunity to meet, greet, and salute the currents crop of "elders"; the descendants of:

Michael McKenna (1836) and Manuela Sosa (1854)
Jesus Maria Mungia and Luisa Campa Soza (1825)
Antonio Campa Soza (1845) and Francisca Gastelum
Antonio Campa Soza (1845) and Mercedes Federico
Antonio Campa Soza (1845) and Maria Jesus Moreno (1855)
Placido Soza (1846) and Mercedes Elias (1853)
Juan Soza (1851) and Jesus Maria Sotelo (1856)
Nicolas Soza (1856) and Juana Borquez ((1858

How do you feel about a Soza Family Reunion in Tempe on Labor Day weekend in 1994? Please write at once, and express your opinion. If YES, how can you help.

Antonio V. Soza, Carlos V. Soza and Hector V. Soza have provided the enclosed schematic drawing of the cemetery showing the location of ten graves. For many years, the family of the late Carlos Moreno Soza have regularly maintained the cemetery, clearing the weeds, fencing it, and installing grave markers. Special vote of thanks to this branch of the family for diligently maintaining the cemetery.

The identity of two graves remain unknown. Can you help identity these graves?

This newsletter is being sent to approximately 300 families. It is urged that you make copies and distribute to family members that are not now on the mailing list.

Since 1990 fifty to seventy five (50 to 75) families have moved and did not send in a change of address. Family members are urged to send in a change of address notice, when they move.

This newsletter, made possible by the generous contributions of:

Evangeline S. Grosse Rowland Heights, California
Harry R. Soza San Jose, California
Antonio V. Soza Helendale, California
Josephine Cronin Baldwin Park, California
Marguerite Noble Payson, Arizona

Marguerite Noble is the author of the acclaimed and classic novel "Filaree" (University of New Mexico Press, 1979) which is based on the life of her Southern Arizona pioneer mother. The book is a powerful statement of how one woman survived in the west, amidst trials and tribulations that would tax one's soul. Recommended reading.

The recent Gran Quivira conference in Tucson offered side trips to San Xavier Mission, Tumacacori Mission, Tubac Presidio and Terrenate Precidio.

To hear the history of Southern Arizona as it touched these four locations, was all the more enjoyable because of the following on-site presentations:

Bernard Fontana covered the San Xavier Mission mural restoration; Don Garate spoke eloquently about the history of Tumacacori;
Jack Williams spoke and led excursions through the ruins of two former presidios: Tubac and Terrenate. Speak about walking in the shadow and footsteps of one's ancestors; here's a pilgrimage.

At some future time this writer hopes to visit Jecori, Sonora, Mexico where ancestor Jose Maria Sosa was born (c.1746). The former village is now under water because of the construction of a dam. The successor village is located in the near vicinity.

Researchers there have assembled an inventory of documents that document thirty five (35) Sosa named individuals dating from 1570. Ancestor Jose Maria Sosa is named in 3 documents 1788-1889.

Special thanks for all the calls and letters concerning our safety during the recent fires. Although we are located a third of mile from the rim of fires, our nearest threat came when the roof of the house across the street caught fire. Fortunately, it was quickly extinguished. Thanks again for your concern.

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