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Arizona Bicentennial Commission

Mr. John H. Eversole, Chairman February 14, 1974
Arizona Bicentennial Commission
1807 North Central Avenue Suite 108
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Re: Soza Ranch State Park (Proposed)

Dear Mr. Eversole:
Thanks to your Commission and to your Mr. Giss for the reply dated January 10, 1974.

In response to the fourth paragraph of your letter, it is respectfully requested that the proposed "Soza Ranch State Park" be officially recognized and added to the list of forty activities already officially recognized by the State Commission.

The "Soza Ranch State Park (proposed) will be a function that the Soza / Soza Fund will accomplish under the national theme of Heritage '76. The Soza / Sosa Fund will endeavor to acquire five sections, namely Sections 28-29-30-31-32, Range 19 East, Township 12 South, G&SRBM. The Redington, Arizona 15 minute topographic map shows the Soza Ranch, Soza Wash, Soza Canyon, Soza Mesa, and section 28 is the site of the family burial grounds with ten graves.

The Soza / Sosa Fund came into being for the purpose of (raising) and donating $5,000.00 to the Tucson Heritage Foundation, so that a room in the Casa del Gobernador would be named in honor of the original builder of the "CASA" at Tucson.

Because the Soza / Sosa families in Arizona are also a bicentennial family, whose founder was inventoried at the Tubac Presidio on August 1774, and travelled to Tucson when the presidio was moved to Tucson; these are the reasons why we seek to create for all Arizonans, a bicentennial state park, on the site of a ranch and area originally settled by my family in the early 1870's. A U.S. Geological map dated 1879 shows two Sosa domiciles.

Believing very firmly in the fairness and justice of the project we seek to create, we respectfully request official sanctioning by your State Commission.

Because the project has been endorsed by the Tucson Heritage Foundation, the Arizona Historical Society, and the Arizona Academy of Science, thru the Arizona State Parks Board, has visited the area, and have deemed the area as worthy of preservation for historical, ecological, archaeological, and cultural reasons. Haste has been urged by us upon Arizona State Parks Board and the Arizona State Historic Preservation Officer, because of our fear that the area will (be) altered thru fast approaching land development. We have specifically requested that the family burial grounds, and remaining ruins be protected. All this material is a matter of record with the Arizona State Parks Board, Arizona State Land Commissioner, and Senator Barry Goldwater whose help we have solicited. We will now seek the additional help of Governor Jack Williams, and Congressman John J. Rhodes.

With your indulgence, copies of this request for official sanctioning of the Soza State Park, as a bicentennial project for all Arizonans, are being sent the following:

Mr. Sidney B. Brinckerhoff Arizona Historical Society
Mrs. Emery C. Johnson Tucson Heritage Foundation
Mr. Dennis McCarthy Arizona State Parks Board
Senator Barry Goldwater United States Senate
Congressman John J. Rhodes U.S. House of Representatives
Governor Jack Williams Governor of Arizona
Mr. Andrew L. Bettwy Commissioner, Arizona State
Bureau of Land Management

In closing we extend our very best wishes for a very successful bicentennial year for all your activities.

Sincerely yours,

Edward Soza

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