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Arizona Historical Society


Arizona Historical Society April 24, 1982
949 East Second Street
Tucson, Arizona 85719

Att: Mr Charles C. Colley

Re: Documents of Southwestern History, Charles C. Colley
Soza Family Page 173 Document 665

Although I have had a personal copy of the above publication for several years, I have been remiss in not correcting an obvious error with respect to the Soza Family genealogy. Forbearance is necessitated by virtue of the fact that the information was based on the fact that information was based on long held oral history, and which has, since your publication, been corrected with an up dated Soza Family genealogy.

For the record, Jose Maria Sosa did not immigrate from Spain to Arizona via California c. 1800.

In 1975, a corrected Soza Family genealogy was presented tio the Historical Society. The founder of the family was Alferez Jose Maria Sosa c. 1744-1810. Jose Sosa was born in Tecori, Sonora, Nueva Espana and was a member of the Tubac Presidio forces when that presidio was replaced by the San Agustin del Tucson
Presidio in 1775.

AHS has on file a copy of the royal commission given Jose Maria Sosa in 1790, as well as a copy of his military career (transcript) in the Spanish Royal Army from 1770 to 1799.

Time talent and circumstances has not permitted the necessary research to pierce the 1744 barrier in the Soza Family genealogy, but hopefully in the near future that will be accomplished.


Edward Soza

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