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Arizona Historical Society

Arizona Historical Society June 8, 1972
949 East Second Street
Tucson, Arizona 85719

Att: Mr. Sidney B. Brinckerhoff

Dear Mr. Brinckerhoff:
This will confirm my telephone call to you office last week, which call was in responses to your letter dated May 30, 1972.

In accordance with the requirements of the Tucson Heritage Foundation that any organization or group who wishes to have a room in the "Casa"; to ask that organization or group to donate $5,000.00 for the restoration of the "Casa".

On behalf of the Soza / Sosa families, I have undertaken the task of raising $5,000.00 to donate to the Tucson Heritage Foundation for the purpose of designating one room as the "Jose Maria Sosa Room". I have sent you a copy of a letter that I have sent to 700 Soza / Sosa families, seeking to raise the $5,000.00.

A choice front room is what we would expect for our family, and if the Carrillo family is not able to raise their $5,000.00, a room should be made available anyway. I should think that the Tucson Heritage Foundation and the Arizona Historical Society would be interested in an authentic representation in the "Casa" and feature the families more intimately connected with the "Casa".

By copy of this letter, which I request your office forward to the Tucson Heritage Foundation, I am requesting their confirmation that a room is being reserved for a future "Jose Maria Sosa Room". If a time limit in involved, I want to know that, as we definitely want that room, and will expend all, or most of all of our free time in raising the $5,000.00 donation.

Please request the Tucson Heritage Foundation to acknowledge and confirm our request.


Edward Soza

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