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Arizona Trust Company

Mr. Walter E. Lovejoy, Sr. May 22, 1974
Arizona Trust Company
4575 East Broadway
P.O. Box 13128
Tucson, Arizona 85711

Re: Soza Ranch, Redington, Arizona

Dear Mr. Lovejoy:
You are aware of my continuing efforts to meet with Mrs. Jones for the purpose of persuading her to donate to the Arizona State Parks Board, those lands that formerly constituted the Soza Ranch at Redington. I have had one communication and one telephone call from Mrs. Jones, and if our mutual schedules had coincided, we would have met.

My purpose in writing you is to enlist your good offices in arranging a meeting, convenient to you and Mrs. Jones, for the purpose of discussing the above project.

My sole purpose is to secure a donation of the former Soza Ranch, to be deeded to the Arizona State Parks Board, for creation of a Soza Ranch State Park. This would be a bicentennial project tying in Arizona's own bicentennial and the 200 year history of the Soza family in Arizona, commencing at Tubac Presidio in 1775.

The Soza Ranch State Park project has received the endorsement of the Tucson Heritage Foundation, The Arizona Historical Society, and the Arizona Academy of Science. The Arizona State Parks Board have deemed the area worthy of preservation because of historical, archeological, cultural and ecological reasons.

I would be most obliged to make a special trip to Tucson for the purpose of discussion with you and Mrs. Jones. As a leader in the drive to secure the "Jose Maria Sosa Room" in the national historical landmark in downtown Tucson, now celebrated as the John Charles Fremont House, but built by my family, I founded the Soza Sosa Fund. We raise $5,000.00 which we donated to the Tucson Heritage Foundation for the restoration of the Soza Room. Otherwise, the Soza / Sosa Fund remains as a deficit fund.

There is no way, by which the Fund could raise the funds to buy the land, hence our continuing request for donation of the land. I would be most obliged for your response to the above.
Sincerely, Edward Soza

C/C: Mrs. Hope Jones

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