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Re: The 1990 Soza Family Reunion
August 31-September 1, 2, 1990

The 1990 Soza Family Reunion will be the most elegant and elaborate reunion possible. A committee has been established in Tucson, and the many details surrounding an event of this magnitude are under the direction of an experienced General Chairman.

Everything possible will be done to make this event the most memorable event in your life, and one you will long cherish.
Contact all your family members and tell them about the reunion. This newsletter is being sent to only two hundred and fifty (250) families.

General Chairman: With great pleasure, I am happy to announce that Mr. Nazario A. Gonzales, Jr. will again serve as our General Chairman. His wealth of experience, acquired directing our 1975 and 1982 reunions, will benefit us all. He has already assembled an experienced staff in Tucson, and they are handling a multitude of details.

At this reunion we honor the memory of two family members who distinguished themselves and brought honor to the family. More will be said and printed about Zeke and Tony later. For now, come and rejoice in the warmth of their accomplishments.

America West is our official airline and they have provide us with a special incentive to fly to the reunion. Please refer to the flyer, with all pertinent information. You must use the special 800 number, identify yourself as Soza Family Reunion member, and quote the CAMS Code 090SFR. Happy Flying.

Commemorative Coffee Mug: To help defray reunion expenses, we are offering a coffee mug, porcelain 9 oz, with the reunion logo with approximately 80 surnames. We must place a minimum order of 500 mugs. We must sell at least 350 mugs to break even. The mugs will be distributed at the reunion. If we do not sell enough to break even, the money will be returned at the reunion. Mugs are priced at $6.00 each.

Family members in business may want to buy a supply for their clients and friends. As a limited edition coffee mug, you may want to consider purchasing several, for future family members. The profits, if any will be used for reunion expenses.

Our thanks to those that have been able and willing to help defray reunion expenses. We have established three levels of recognition: Benefactor, Patron, Donor. Also, if you would like to honor a loved family member "In Memoria" with a your contribution, please indicate at the time of your gift. All contributors will be acknowledged in our reunion program.

Hereafter, checks for contributions, coffee, etc. should be made to Soza Family Reunion and sent to:

1990 Soza Family Reunion
General Chairman Mr. Nazario A. Gonzales, Jr.
2934 East Manchester, Tucson, Arizona 85716



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