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Re: Soza, Sosa Bicentennial Reunion, and the
Dedication of the Jose Maria Sosa Room
Tucson, Arizona, April 9, 1975

You are all cordially invited to attend the public ceremony dedicating the Jose Maria Sosa Room at the Casa del Gobernador, on Wednesday, 10 AM, on April 9, 1975. Other rooms in the Casa will also be dedicated, at the same time. so that a large attendance is anticipated. We hope all of you will be able to attend.

You are also cordially invited to the Soza, Sosa Family Bicentennial Reunion, to be held on the same date, April 9, 1975, at the Braniff Place Hotel, Tucson, Arizona. This will be a very festive, joyous, and memorable occasion for all.

We hope to arrange an guide bus tour of historic Tucson, visiting the site of the original village, the presidio, and historic San Xavier Mission. Arrangements will depend on cost and the number of interested person.

Mr. N.A. "Charlie" Gonzales has accepted the chairmanship for the reunion. He will need many volunteers, so please offer him your talents, especially those of you in the Tucson area. There is no charge for the dedication, so bring the entire family.

The Reunion at the Braniff Place Hotel will start at 6 PM with a No Host Cocktail Party. Refreshments will be individuals 's expenses. Dinner will be served at 7 PM, at a cost of $7.50 per person. There will be an outstanding mariachi group for your entertainment and with program to follow. The aim and purpose of the reunion is to celebrate the bicentennial of the family's association with Arizona and the City of Tucson. There will be ample time to become re-acquainted with long absent family members and relatives.

Because there is very little time, and we need to make proper and adequate arrangements, please send your reservations and checks for dinner at the rate of $7.50 per person to:

Mr. Nazario A. Gonzales, Chairman
Soza Bicentennial Reunion
733 South Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85701

To help finance the cost of the Reunion, we have set a budget of $400.00 to cover the cost of the Mariachi Group, printing, postage, invited guests, and partial cost of guided bus tours; and other miscellaneous expenses.

The Reunion is being handled as a one time Non-Profit event, and if any profit does materialize, that profit will be donated directly to the THF. We need twenty gifts of $20.00 each, to cover the above expenses. We hope those most able to donate, will do so. Because we wish to see as many branches represented at the dedication and the Reunion, it is requested that family members make every effort, including the impossible, to see that the following senior family members attend with their families:

Mrs. Rosaura Soza Vijil Mr. Antonio Moreno Soza
Mrs. Maria Soza Gonzales Mr. Carlos Moreno Soza
Mrs. Clara Sanchez Soza Mr. & Mrs. Ben Moreno Soza
Mrs. Chonita Fimbrez Soza Mr. & Mrs. Henry Moreno Soza
Mrs. Maria Arbizo Soza Mr. & Mrs. Albert Moreno Soza
Mrs. Helen Soza Rodriguez Mrs. Manuel Soza McKenna
Mrs. Catalina V. Soza Mr. & Mrs. Cornelio V. Soza

Hotel and motel are ample and available. Be sure and ask for special or summer rates. Headquarters will be the Braniff Place Hotel 602-624-8711. Please send your reservations and checks today. Deadline is March 15th. See you in Tucson.

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