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Governor-Elect Raul Castro

Honorable Raul Castro November 26, 1974
Governor-Elect of Arizona
220 East Speedway
Tucson, Arizona 85705

Re: The Soza Ranch State Park (Proposed)
Sections 28-29-30-31-32, T 12 S- R19E G&SRBM

For many months, I have been conducting a campaign thru the Arizona State Parks Board, the Arizona State Land Commissioner, the U.S. Department of the Interior, and the Arizona Bicentennial Commission, endeavoring to establish the Soza Ranch State Park, as an Arizona Bicentennial project.

The project has received the endorsement of the Tucson Heritage Foundation, and the Arizona Historical Society. Copies of their endorsements are enclosed.

The Arizona State Parks Board has graciously responded to my letters, and the matter was on the agenda for their July meeting, and a feasibility study is being made. The Arizona State Highway Department has provided me with aerial photograph of the ranch, and have taken note of the family's burial grounds, in the event of future highway construction in the area.

The Arizona State Land Commissioner has been requested to set aside one grazing permit, and a portion of a second permit, thereby permitting the immediate establishment of the Park. The United States Department of the Interior have indicated that Section 28, the site of the family burial grounds, can be acquired by the State of Arizona upon request.

The private sector of Sections 29-30-32 are owned by Mrs. Hope Iselin Jones, and are administered by the Arizona Trust Company. I have made several request to Mrs. Jones, suggesting the donation of the former Soza Ranch to the Arizona State Parks Board, for the above state purpose. My last request was directed to Mr. Walter Lovejoy, Senior, who indicated that the ranch was being administered as a court ordered trust.

Because I feel so strongly about the part my family has had in Arizona development and history, and with an enviable 200 years residence in Arizona, bridging several cultures; Arizona can draw an identity and more accurately relate to the American Bicentennial thru the creation of the Soza Ranch State Park.

I would be happy to come to Tucson at any time to acquaint you more intimately with the project. Governor Jack Williams, in his letter of May 23, 1974 suggest that the leadership of the Legislature who will be established in January, should also be contacted. My purpose in writing you, is to respectfully request adoption of our project, and presentation of the same to the Legislature, thru your office.

We are in the process of setting in motion our plans for our family's 200 year Reunion, in Tucson, to coincide with Tucson's own bicentennial birthday. Our fondest wish would be to have the Soza Ranch State Park established as an expression of Arizona's sense of history, and mark the celebration of two bicentennial events in Arizona history.

Enclosed are letters in support of the State Park, plus a map of the Redington Quadrangle, showing the Soza Ranch, Soza Mesa, Soza Canyon, and Soza Wash.

Looking forward to your favorable response and best wishes for your success as Governor, I am


Edward Soza

Mrs. Emery C. Johnson
Tucson Heritage Foundation
Mr. Sidney B. Brinckerhoff
Arizona Historical Society
Governor Jack Williams

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