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SOZA FAMILY NEWSLETTER Vol. 1, No. 1 January 10, 1993

Greetings and a Prosperous New Year to Everyone. This newsletter was born with the strong feeling that you would be interested to know that:

is now the official name of the former John Charles Museum / Casa del Gobernador; this being the action of the State Board of the AHS. In due time, the name plaques will be changed.

The museum is located at 151 South Granada, Tucson, Arizona 85702 602-622-0956, Curator Mr. Fred McAninch. Stop by and see the Soza Room and memorabilia which includes the Soza Family tree, Sosa-McKenna Quilt, portraits of Antonio Campa Soza (1845-1915) and Maria Jesus Moreno de Soza (1855-1939), Mckenna children portraits, and the Apodaca crucifix.

Extensive research, leads this writer to believe that our common ancestor was born in Jecori, Sonora, Nueva Espana, c. 1746. Efforts are being made to trace his parents. Countless area genealogical records have been traced without results thus far.

Juan Nentvig's Map and Rudo Ensayo (1762 & 1764) shows and describes Jecori as a village adjacent to Cumpas, near Oposura (Moctezuma). One English and two Spanish texts of this 1762 were researched, including the 1863 Spanish text published at San Augustine, Florida by Buckingham Smith.

The original Jecori was founded in 1609 and is now under water. Interestingly, Nentvig lived and labored in the vicinity of the Yaqui River and Jecori, and may have known the Sosa family

To reach the present village of Jecori, drive south from Nogales, to Arizpe, then to Moctezuma, Cumpas, and Jecori. Let me know if you plan visiting there.

The Museum has opened a major exhibit, "El Encuentro, Five Centuries of Change 1492-1992". You are encouraged to see it. Call 602-622-3202 for details.

"The Barrio", an exhibit detailing the story of Tempe's hispanic heritage opened October 10, 1992, and will continue through 1993. A forty page computer printout, showing the ancestors and the descendants of Juan Soza (1851-1915) was contributed by this writer. Descendants of Juan Soza and Maria Jesus Sotelo 1856-1936) should see the exhibit.

has created a brick Pathway from the Past to the Future. About 30 Soza Families have purchased a brick (@ $50.) to memorialize a family member. For details write A.H.S. Foundation, 1218 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004-1819. Call 602-254-0307.

will be held April 19-May 1, 1993 at Kingman, AZ, and is sponsored by the AHS, Mohave County Historical Society, in cooperation with the A.H.S. Foundation, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Southwest Center, and the University of Arizona.

The Call invites papers on any aspect of Arizona history for presentation at the thirty fourth annual meeting. Awards will be
made for The Best Convention Paper, Best Graduate Student Paper, and James E. Officer Award.

is an award established to honor the 1990 Soza Reunion keynote speaker. Dr. Officer has devoted his academic career to the study of Hispanic Arizona 1536-1856 and published a book by that name. Obtain a copy through the University of Arizona Press.

To keep alive the culture, heritage, and history of hispanics and their role in the settlement and development of Arizona, the Soza family has established the James E. Officer Award.
An award of $300. will be made for the best paper on any aspect of Hispanic Arizona. The award will be made yearly during 1993-1994-1995.

The surplus funds from the 1990 reunion are deposited with the Tucson Employee's Credit Union. With interest it has grown to $1,052.41. Treasurer Nazario Gonzales, Jr. maintains the account.

This newsletter is being sent to 500 families at a cost of $175.00. Your help is needed to offset this expenses as the present bank balance is being held intact for the OFFICER AWARDS.

Please make your checks payable to the SOZA FAMILY REUNION
With kindest best wishes and much success in 1993 to everyone.

P.S. For several month, this writer has been researching the 1700-1900 Settlement, Development of the San Pedro River Valley and the Impact of the Homestead Act of 1862. Hopefully, a paper will emerge from all the notes accumulated.

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