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SOZA FAMILY NEWSLETTER Vol. 5, No. 1 January 1997

This book brings together information accumulated over the past thirty years. Official probate records for the Estates of Antonio C. Soza and Jesus Moreno de Soza provides authenticity to the biography.

The book is a comprehensive account of the extended family, reflecting on the family's 1746 origin at Jecori, Sonora in 1746. Thence, Tubac Presidio in 1774, marking the presence of ancestor Jose Maria Sosa, followed by descendant Antonio's homestead activities in the San Pedro River valley.

Major segments deal with Antonio and his third wife, though other family members are also highlighted. The readers are introduced to Antonio's three spouses and twenty four children; plus his siblings: Placido, Nicolas, Juan, and cousin Manuela Sosa McKenna.

An 8 1/2 x 11 color print of the Soza Coat of Arms is included, with 13 other significant maps and exhibits. Eighty (80) black and white photographs introduce family members to their many ancestral aunts and uncles. Photographs of Antonio Campa Soza and Maria Jesus Moreno de Soza and 13 of 14 siblings, and their respective spouses, provides a rare insight to a truly colonial pioneer Arizona family. The book is a rich trove of genealogical and historical information. It behooves every family, that is able, to acquire a copy for their descendants, present and future. Indices facilitate textual location of family members featured. Endnotes, twenty five pages, provide additional historical facts and facets about the family.

Present plans are to accumulate your book orders during January and February and make only one printing. Shipments would be completed in March, 1997. Experience has taught us that printing small orders is too costly and uneconomic. ALL NET PROCEEDS GO TO THE SOZA FAMILY REUNION COMMITTEE. Order at once.

Recognition and grateful appreciation, for their generosity of spirit, is extended to:

Cronin, Josephine Baldwin Park, CA
Leos, Louie Tucson, AZ
Meade, Lydia Soza Meridian, ID
Romero, Virginia D. Livermore, CA
Soza, Harry Tempe, AZ
Soza, Jeffrey C. Pasadena, CA

Treasurer Katherine Lee, Tempe reports: Cash balance as of November 20, 1996 is $2,422.07, an increase from $2310.47 reported on June 7, 1996. Thanks to donors and book sales; continuity of this newsletter is assured. The future "start up" expenses for the 2000 Tucson Reunion is safe guarded.

Armida Solarez Rivera San Jose, CA
Calistro Fimbrez Soza Phoenix, AZ
Josephine O. Soza Whittier, CA

Caution: Women May Appear Under Maiden And/Or Married Surnames.
Listed are names and page(s) number where person appears.
Apodaca, Mercedes Soza 134 135
Apodaca, Ricardo 134 135
Borquez, Urbano 163
El Embudo, San Pedro River 13
Fimbrez, Concepcion Navarro 56
Gamez, Delina Castro 39
Gonzales, Nazario A. Family 138
Gonzales, Lisandro F. 137
Gonzales, Nazario A. 136 137
Gonzales, Nazario A. Jr. 137
Gonzales, Maria Soza 137 152
Hi Wo 85 86
Kino, Father Eusebio Francisco 12
Madrid, Trinidad 55
Madrid, Victoria Soza Escheverria 54
Madrid, Helen Soza 55
McKenna, Manuela Sosa de 48
McKenna / Sosa Quilt 49
Mendoza, Lupe 54
Moreno, Maria Jesus 120
Officer, James E. 3
Perez, Aurora 54
Pico, Cruz (Bustamante) 163
Ranch Schoolhouse 70 71
Saenz, Bersabe Soza (Mamie) 129
Saenz, Juan Jose 124 129 130
Saenz, Luisa Soza 53 124 129 130
Saenz, Federico Soza (Fred) 129
Sosa, Alferez Jose Maria 11, 17, 23, 27, 29, 31, 32, 34, 36, 39, 41, 44, 45, 48, 49, 52, 55, 63
Soza, Roberto Martinez 127
Soza, Rita Valenzuela 52
Soza, Luisa Moreno 128
Soza, Luisa Campa 117
Soza, Jose Federico 41 42 43
Soza, Francisca Moreno 128
Soza, Jose Federico 127
Soza, Victoria Borquez 117
Soza, Ramona Manzo 125
Soza, Ermita Silva 52
Soza, Luisa Moreno 124 129
Soza, Rosaura Moreno 39
Soza, Ben Moreno 161
Soza, Mercedes Moreno 42
Soza, Jesus Moreno 44 118 120 121
Soza, Victoria Borquez 55
Soza, Enrique Moreno 123
Soza, Luisa Moreno 123
Soza, Henry Moreno 152
Soza, Antonio Campa 7 44 118 119 121
Soza, Amalia Aguirre 152
Soza, Albert Rudolfo 157
Soza, Francisca Moreno 118
Soza, Cornelio V. Soza and 52
Soza, Olga Rendon 151
Soza, Nicolas Campa 53
Soza, Bertha Ordonez 156
Soza, Amalia Yanez 146 147
Soza, Francisca Moreno 149
Soza, Armida Elias 141
Soza, Ben Moreno 141 142
Soza, Juan Moreno 140 143 145 161
Soza, Baudelio Yanez 148
Soza, Ben Ordonez 156
Soza, Lisandro Moreno 122
Soza, Calistro Borquez 56 117
Soza, Maria Moreno 42
Soza, Rosaura Moreno 124
Soza, Carlos Moreno 139 140
Soza, Oralia Encinas 132
Soza, Lawrence Edward 162
Soza, Juan 57
Soza, Herminia Leon Valenzuela 139
Soza, Manuel Encinas 132
Soza, Maria Moreno 136
Soza, Gilbert Encinas 132
Soza, Maria Petra Yanez 144 145
Soza, Mercedes Encinas 131
Soza, Nicolas Campa 54
Soza, Juan Sotelo 57 60
Soza, Henry Moreno 150
Soza, Clotide Rendon 150
Soza, Placido Campa 50
Soza, Elma Rendon 151
Soza, Lydia Marie 152 156
Soza, Albert Moreno 152 154 155
Soza, Francisco Federico 39
Soza, Jesus Sotelo 58
Soza, Dolores Ordonez 153
Soza, Antonio Moreno 131 133
Soza, Juan Family 59
Soza, Edward 159 160 162
Soza, Phyllis F. 159
Soza, Carlos Moreno 161
Soza, Clara Sanchez 43
Soza, Antonio Federico 40
Soza, Manuel Elias 51
Soza, Manuel Moreno 125 126 127
Tumacacori, Mission Church of San Jose De 24
Vijil, Rosaura Soza 53
Vijil, Juan Vijil 124
Yanez, Matilde Bustamante 163 164

207 Pages, includes Soza Coat of Arms full color print, 13 Exhibits and Maps, 80 Black & White photographs, on Hammermill 24# paper, Velo Bound with Mylar Sheet Protectors.

Item Price Shipping Copies Total
Deluxe Edition $75.00 $ 2.25 x $
Regular Edition $30.00 $ 2.25
Soza Coat of Arms 2.50 Extra Copies x $

Deluxe Edition photographs are printed on laser copier.
Regular Edition photographs are printed on Xerox copier.

Would you be able and willing to donate a copy of this book to one of sixteen important libraries ? Book could be given as a Memorial or Honorary Gift. Fly leaf with your dedicatory statement could be included.

ALTADENA, CA 91001-3565

May the Blessings of this Yuletide Season be with you and your family during the year of our Lord 1997. Continue to honor and celebrate your ancestry and heritage. Sincerely,

Edward Soza

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