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SOZA FAMILY NEWSLETTER Vol. 5, No. 2 July 1997

ARIZONA PICTORIAL BIOGRAPHY: Antonio Campa Soza 1845-1915
Soza Coat of Arms full color plate, fifteen exhibits and maps, ninety black & white photographs.

Deluxe Edition photographs are printed on laser copier @ $75.
Regular Edition photographs are printed on Xerox copier @ $30.

One hundred years from now, the book will be a priceless family treasure. All descendants of Antonio Campa Soza should have a copy. The 4th and final printing is being planned. Orders will be combined, printed and shipped by September 30th.

Special vote of thanks to donors of Deluxe Editions of Arizona Pictorial Biography to the following highly esteemed and important archival, research locations:

Soza, Fred, Austin, TX University of Texas, Austin, TX
Soza, Robert, Tulsa, OK Tempe Historical Museum, Tempe, AZ Soza, Robert, Tulsa, OK AZ State Library/Archives, Phx, AZ
Soza, Harry R., Tempe, AZ Ariz. State University, Tempe, AZ Soza, Phyllis F. Altadena,CA Altadena Library. Altadena, CA Soza, Phyllis F. Altadena,CA The Library of Congress, Wash., DC Soza, Phyllis F. Altadena,CA Huntington Library, San Marino, CA
Soza, Carlos and Sue, Moreno Valley, CA,
AZ Historical Society, Tucson, AZ

You too, can honor or memorialize family members with gift copy(ies) to one of several important archival locations. Your dedicatory statement can be inscribed on the flyleaf. Available on request, is list of important archives, libraries, or museums that should have copies for their permanent collection.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, requested permission to duplicate the following:
1994 Hispanic Homesteaders in Arizona 1870-1908,
1994 Mexican Homesteaders in the San Pedro River Valley,
1995 New World Odyssey... the Sosa, Soza Families of Arizona

Once on-line, information in these books will be available to genealogical researchers worldwide. This writer has used LDS Family History Center resources over the past 30 year, and with great success. This is an excellent opportunity to reciprocate.

Martha Green, Elgin, AZ and Elva Sosa Moore, New Boston, MI initially brought our attention to this organization. Mr. Sosa, President, has delved into the historical lineage, and heritage of the Sosa, Soza surname, and its origin in Portugal and Spain.
Mr. Sosa states that the surnames Sosa, Soza, Sossa, Sousa, Souza, O Sosa, O Soza, de Sosa, etc. are considered equivalents, as well as Xosa, Xossa, or perhaps Xoza. Further information will be shared as it materializes.

Mr. Alfred Sosa, President & Co-Founder can be reached at
La Casa De La Herencia Cultural Puertorriquena,
1230 Fifth Avenue, Suite 458, New York City, NY 10029

Published by Southwestern Mission Research Center, Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721. As a long time subscriber, I can vouch for the excellence of this highly informative newsletter. It is a valuable resource for borderland history readers and serious researchers alike.

One of the hidden SMRC treasures is the educational and highly popular 3 day Kino Mission Tours.

Take the tour and visit the 12 Kino Missions, in Sonora, Mexico. On tour, you would be walking, "figuratively", in the shadow and footsteps of your ancestors. Tours are available to members and non-members alike. For Details, contact Julieta Portillo, SMRC Tours, P O Box 27823, Tucson, AZ 85726-9700 or call 520-628-1269. Highly recommended.

The mailing of this Newsletter is made possible by the continuing generosity of past / present donors:

Elwood, Ernest H. Los Angeles, CA
Moore, Elva Sosa New Boston, MI
Soza, Fred Austin, TX
Soza, Robert Tulsa, OK
Soza, Maria C. Cambria, CA
Soza, Michael W. Walnut Creek, CA
Soza, Mark & Kathleen Woodruff, SC
Soza, Hector & Mickie Tucson, AZ

Treasurer Katherine Lee, Tempe reports bank balance of $2,875.96 compared to $2,422.07 reported in January 1997. Funds accumulated are for the Tucson Soza Family Reunion in 2000.

The 2000 Reunion will mark the anniversary of the Soza family's arrival in 1775 at the Presidio de San Agustin del Tucson from the Presidio de San Ignacio del Tubac, where ancestor Jose Maria Sosa was inventoried in 1774. See you in Tucson in the year of our Lord 2000.

MEMORIA Lily Cohen Soza Oxnard, CA

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