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SOZA FAMILY NEWSLETTER Vol. 4, No. 1 June 1996

DR. JAMES E. OFFICER July 28, 1924 - May 27, 1996
It is with great sadness that we report the death of our highly esteemed and valued friend. The Thursday before the AHS Convention at Sierra Vista (April 26th), Jim called to say that he was entering the hospital the next morning. That was the last time we spoke.

Over the years, Jim has had a consuming and unflagging interest in the hispanic history of Arizona. His book, HISPANIC ARIZONA 1536 - 1856 (U of A Press 1987) has become a classic in borderland history. His extensive genealogical and historical knowledge of so many of Arizona's earliest families, gave him wide celebrity status on and off the campus.

On retirement from the U of A, the rank of Professor Emeritus was conferred on him, in full recognition of his many achievements and accomplishments in academia

The Extended Sosa, Soza families of Arizona have lost a dear friend, whose advise, counsel, and research added immeasurably to stature of the colonial Sosa / Soza families, and the national historic landmark, now known as the SOSA CARRILLO FREMONT MUSEUM. Thanks Jim for work well done, and God Speed.

GENERAL JOSE COSME URREA, HIS LIFE AND TIMES 1797-1849 by Patricia Roche Herring, the 1993 winner of the James E. Officer Award, has been published by The Arthur H. Clarke Company, Spokane, Wa 1995.

This work is an outgrowth of the paper researched and presented by Patricia at the 1993 AHS convention. The story about Tucson-born General Urrea, is a fascinating story about his efforts as he worked and fought tirelessly vis a vis a federalist rather than a centralist form of Mexican government.

After several printing, and 300 copies sold, the inventory of books by this writer has been depleted. If sufficient interest is shown, one last printing is possible.

One of the last sets was presented to the University of Texas, Austin by Fred Soza, Austin, Tx; bringing to 16 the number of libraries that now have these books in their collection.

Treasurer Katherine Lee, Tempe reports a Cash Balance of
$2,310.45 as of June 7, 1996, reflecting a slight change from the July 18, 1995 balance of $2,363.52. This is after publishing and mailing three Newsletter editions, plus several book gifts to key libraries. The healthy bank balance is due to Family Donors and Net Proceeds from book sales. Funds will be preserved for future Newsletters and 2000 Family Reunion.

Anthony Van Alstine, West Covina, Ca, in AHS family files, came across a copy of a 1884 petition with names of many homesteaders / settlers living in Cascabel, AZ. Soza family members listed are Antonio, Nicolas, and Placido Sosa, Tomas Mungia, and Leonides Montano.

The precinct was located 8 miles north of Benson at Tres Alamos. This is a village that appears on Father Eusebio Francisco Kino's map of 1697-1701. The petition reads: Petition for Voting Precinct Embracing School District #11, Filed July 25, 1884.

To the Board of Supervisors of Cochise Co. Arizona Territory

We the undersigned citizens and resident taxpayers of Cochise Co. A T. most respectfully petition your Hon. Body in the matter of the Establishment of a new Voting Precinct to be known as the said --------precinct to embrace that portion of Cochise Co. now embraced by School District No. 11 (Pool District).

Representing that there are upwards of fifty legal voters within the proposed new precinct and that it is a great inconvenience necessitating from 20 to 60 miles of unnecessary travel to reach Tres Alamos the present usual poling place, and that the creation of the new precinct is very important and necessary for our convenience. We further request that the poling place be established at the residence of Nicholas Van Alstine- for all of which your petitioners will ever pray - Respectfully

Gabriel Fimbres Jose Lopez Teofilo Lopez
Sebers Lopez Mercedes Lopez Antonio Rodriguez
Lorenzo Cruz Luis Tejida Placido Sosa *
Nicolas Sosa* Tomas Mungia Jose Castillo
Leandro Castillo Pedro Quijada Angel Gonzales
Antonio Sosa * Leonides Montano Estanislao Sainz
Refugio Sainz Francisco Sainz Jesus Castro
Nicholas Van Alstine Antonio Peralta Antonio Van Alstine
James M Pierce Maxcimiano Mendoza Blas Sanchez
Cipriano Sanchez Jesus Ronquillo Petronillo Andrade
Juan Romero Samuel Bohn Peter Bohn
Jose Maria Acedo Lazaro Romero Cleofe Acedo
Leonardo Acedo"
For a pictorial biography now in progress, on the life of grandfather Antonio Campa Soza and Jesus Maria Moreno de Soza; wedding pictures of all their children are being collected. Where wedding pictures are not available, individual photographs can be used, as available.

Your help is urgently needed. Photographs sent to me will be returned to the sender. If you are reluctant to part with your photograph, then send me a photograph of your photograph, or a clear "laser" print copy. Laser prints are good but not as good as original photographs.

Rosaura Moreno Soza and Juan Vijil
Maria Mercedes Moreno Soza and Ricardo Apodaca
Maria Moreno Soza and Nazario Gonzales
Juan Moreno Soza and Maria Petra Yanez
Francisca Moreno Soza and spouse Doy
Enrique Moreno Soza and Amalia Aguirre
Albert Moreno Soza and Dolores Ordonez
Antonio Campa Soza and Francisca Gastelum
Antonio Campa Soza and Mercedes Federico
Antonio Campa Soza and Maria Jesus Moreno
Nicolas Campa Soza and Juana Borquez
Placido Campa Soza and Mercedes Elias
Manuel Elias Soza and spouse
Antonio Federico Soza and Laura Martinez
Francisco Federico Soza and Luisa Manzo
Jose Federico Soza and Clara Sanchez
Maria Federico Soza and Leonides Montano

Halbrook, Dollie Scotts Valley, CA
Flynn, Thomas E. El Cajon, CA

Grateful appreciation is expressed to the donors listed below. More help is needed to ensure future Newsletter.

Donors Residence
Cogley, Esther D. Phoenix, AZ
McWilliams, Elsa G. Long Beach, CA
Soza, Robert L. Alpine, TX
Fontana, Bernard L. Tucson, AZ
Quackenbush, Elisa & Louis Roseville, CA
Rabena, Chonita Orange Cove, CA
Van Alstine, Anthony West Covina, CA
Lydia Marie Meade Meridian, ID
Soza, Fred Austin, TX

At Tempe 1994, it was announced that TUCSON is the site of the next Soza Family Reunion in the YEAR 2000. The Reunion will coincide with the Sosa family's arrival at the Presidio San Agustin del Tucson from the Presidio San Ignacio de Tubac. It will also mark the birth of Tucson in 1775.

No committee assignments have been made and volunteers have not been recruited. At an appropriate time, closer to the actual reunion, a Reunion Committee, representing all the branches of the Extended Soza - Sosa Families will be formed. Meanwhile, read and share the Soza Family Newsletter; keep your address current; send in wedding pictures and material of historical interest. Sincerely.

Map #1 of Tucson Cultivated Fields 1862
Map #1 of the Cultivated Fields J. B. Mills, Surveyor

The Map list 48 land holders, of whom 40 are hispanics. Approximately 60 parcels were shared by families listed below.

Name Parcels
Aldrich, Mark 3
Burruel, Maria 1
Burruel, Pedro 2
Campo, Louisa (sic Luisa Campa) 1 3rd marriage to Jesus Maria Mungia.
Castra, Dol (sic} 1
Castro, Ramon 1
Castro, Jesus 1
Costzen, Fritz 1
Crania, Patricia 1
Cruz, Pasqual 1
Dias, Jesus 1
Elias, Juan 4
Elias, Jesus 2
Elias, Jesus Maria 1
Elias, Miguel Ygnacio 1
Fryar, Alfred 2
Gallego, Jose 1
Gallo, Dolores 1
Garcia, Isanio ? 1
Grijalva, Juan 1
Herran, Dolores 1
Herreras, Rafael 1
Herreras, Jose 1
Leon, Solano 2
Luz, Rafael 1
Mission Gardens 1
Neville, Fred 2
Ochoa, Pasqual 1
Ortega, ? 1
Ortiz, Jesus Maria 1
Oury, W.S. 1
Pacheco, Guadalupe 1
Pacheco, Miguel 1
Pacheco, Refuguia 1
Pacheco, Ramon 1
Ramires, Dolores 2
Romero, Manuel 1
Romero, Philipe 1
Romero, Francisco 2
Ruelas, ? 1
Saiz, Ygnacio sic (Saenz) 1
Salares, Ursala 1
Santa Cruz, Guadalupe 1
Sequieros, ? 1
Stevens, Hiram 1
Tellas, Joaquin sic (Telles) 1
Telles, Guillermo 1
Torano, Francisco G. 1
Tyrall, George 1

Southern Arizona, from the Gila River to the present southern Arizona border, became part of the United States as a consequence of the Gadsden Purchase in 1853. Actual American administrative control did not take place until 1856 when the last of the Mexican troops departed.

The 1862 Map is an important Tucson time capsule. It delineates the extent of the cultivated fields, and it identifies the farming population. The list above resonates with the name of so many pioneers families, that it reminds us of those that have gone on before us.

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