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AFFIDAVITS OF CONTEST VIS-A-VIS ARIZONA HISPANIC HOMESTEADERS 1880-1908 Compiled & Edited General Land Office Correspondence.
With honor and pride, this newest book was introduced at the April joint meeting of the Arizona and New Mexico Historical Societies at Santa Fe. First printing sold out. Second printing will be available end of May. Please use the Order Form.

The book covers Affidavits of Contest, Abandoned Fort Lowell Military Reservation, School Lands, Homestead Surrogates, Indian Homesteads, Tucson Cultivated Fields, and Other Homesteaders. Over 450 surnames appear, and these pioneers are now newly recognized for their role in developing the Arizona Territory.

Contests or Claims were explored from the perspective of the affect on hispanic homesteaders. Contests of Cypriano Santa Cruz v. Sallie D. Hayden, Elvira Carrillo v. Carmen Romero, Morgan R. Wise v. Pedro Aguirre, John S. Armstrong v. Jesus Miranda, Bernardino Diaz v. James Benton Glover, and Oscar T. Townsend v. Stephen Summer are extensive, while material on Leonardo Apodaca, Nazario Gonzales, Francisco Manzo, Antonio Soza, Jose Soza, Juan Soza is brief in scope, as they were not contest parties.

Fifty two (52) boxes of original General Land Office correspondence were examined, compiled and edited to accomplish an accurate and fair assessment of territorial homestead judicial proceedings. Territorial "due process of law" was viewed through the prism of original correspondence, namely the letters written by the Commissioner, General Land Office to the Register and Receiver, Arizona Land Offices at Prescott, Florence, Tucson, and Phoenix, respectively. From these letters, eighty nine (89) Affidavits of Contest were culled, examined, condensed, edited, and cited. How many names do you recognize?

Contestant v. Contestee
Angulo, Margarite de v. Wright, Ida S.
Archer, Isaac v. Orta, Jose
Archunde, Preciliano v. Atencio, Cornelio
Armstrong, John S. v. Miranda, Jesus
Badillo, Pedro Maria v. Kemp, Christopher
Badillo, Pedro Maria v. Rallis Bustamente, Jose
Bjorkman, P.E. v. Tafalla, Manuel
Bondesson, Oscar P. v. Ramirez, Alberto
Bondesson, Oscar P. v. Ramirez, Manuel
Buckalew, Oscar v. Cruz, Juan
Campas, Cristobel v. Valenzuela, Damian
Carrillo, Elvira v. Romero, Carmen
Carrillo, Miguel v. Jackson, John C.
Cheney, Elau George v. Padilla, Autencio
Combs, Richard C. v. Burruel, Martin
Crosby, Charles K. v. Hayden, Sallie D.
Crowley, George T. v. Garcia, Manuel
Diaz, Bernardino v. Glover, James Benton
Elias, Jr., Juan v. Amado, Teresa
Escalante, Ramon v. Rudulph, Samuel
Espinosa, Juan v. France, Joseph
Fair, William B. v. Ramirez, Ricardo
Figueroa, Apolinar v. Quijada, Dolores D.
Figueroa, Pascual v. Maciah
Franco, Jose v. Maldonado, Dolores
Gallardo, Amparo v. Armstrong, Heirs/Burton H Gallego, Geronimo v. Clemon, John P.
Garcia, Sixto v. Stegall, Robert
Garcia Jr., Sixto v. Stegall, Robert
Gonzales, Patricio v. Gonzales, Francisco
Greenwood, W.C. v. Madrid, Jose
Grijalba, Crisanto v. Nixon, George W.
Grijalba, Crisanto v. Wilson, George N.
Guaydacan, Juan M. v. Ritsch, Charles A.
Kelly, William N. v. Gonzales, Ramon
Leon, Elizia v. Calzedillo, Benito
Leon, Eligio v. Calsodia (sic), Benito
Lopez, Francisco v. Schoenen, John N.
Molina, Miguel v. Care, David
Montgomery, C.A. v. Murietta, Salvador
Moraga, Juan v. McKittrick, George S.
Morales, Jesus v. Crowley, John W.
Morales, Guadalupe v. Salazar, Jose Heirs of
Nicholson, John H. v. Padilla, Jose
Odell, Charles v. Eskimezine
Odell, Charles v. Segula
Otero, Fernando v. Acuna, Luis
Pacheco, Ramon v. Green, Mary
Pacho, Mariano v. Arras, Jesus (Aros, Aras)
Palm, Bernabe v. Chavez, Estevan
Palm, Bernabe v. Hughes, Daniel
Payne, Charles W. v. Moraga, Visiano
Pena, Jose Manuel v. Conley, Andrew J.
Pena, Perfecto v. Conley, Andrew J.
Perez, Pedro v. Johnson, Benjamin J.
Perez, Feliz v. Washburn, Ethan A.
Quijada, Eselso v. Chadwick, Edward J.
Redondo, Manuel v. Hamilton, Benjamin
Romero, Juan Pedro v. Salazar, Jesus
Santa Cruz, Cypriano v. Hayden, Sallie D.
Santa Cruz, Trinidad v. Hayden, Sallie D.
Serna, Andres v. Valencia, Bernardo
Telles, Roman v. Stiles, William L.
Telles, Joaquin v. Espinosa, Roman
Townsend, Oscar T. v. Summer, Stephen
Trainer, Patrick v. Gallegos, Jose Dolores
Tubac Townsite v. Valenzuela, Bernardino
United States v. Carrillo, Emilio
United States v. Chavez, Gabriel
United States v. Garcia, Diego
United States v. Huning, Henry
United States v. Jaramillo, Nestor
United States v. Jaramillo, Pedro
United States v. Johnson, D.A.
United States v. Jones, Charles H.
United States v. Montijo, Jesus
United States v. Meza, Francisco
United States v. Noceti, Antonio
United States v. Peralta, Jose
United States v. Strader, Charles
United States v. Vialobas, Jose
Valencia, Narcissa M. de v. Farrington, Rufus E.
Vasquez, Jose M. v. Richardson, Rollin R.
Weeks, William C. v. Varela, Manuel
Wilson, et al R.E. v. Madrid, Feliz
Wilson, R.E. v. Maldonado, Mrs. Jesus
Wise, Morgan R. v. Aguirre, Pedro
Wise, Morgan R. v. Aguirre, Beatriz
Zuniga, Cleotilde v. Stricklin, William L.

Are you related to any of the "Other Homesteaders" who appear in the text, dealing with other subjects?
Acedo, Carmen Alcala, Guadalupe
Amado, Manuel Amado, Carmen
Amado, Alberto F. Amado, Manuel C.
Amado, Demetrio Amado, Antonio
Apodaca, Leonardo Asedo, Eluterio
Bourgade, Peter Burrell, Ramon
Burruell, Maria Campos, Bernardino
Carrillo, Jesus Carrillo, Emilio
Carsais, Jose Castro, Est. of Ramon
Charouleau, Juan P. Contreras, Emanuel
Cota, Florentina Drachman, Samuel H.
Elias, Ramon Elias, Juan 139
Elias, Mateo Elias, Jesus Ma.
Elias, Jesus Pacheco Elias, Rafael
Elias, Manuel Yno. Fish, E.N.
Garcia, Jose Gomez, Francisco
Gonzales, Nazario Grijalba, Antonio
Grijalba, Crisanto Grijalba, Magadalene
Grijalba, Dolores Hereford, Frank H.
Herreras, Jose Hughes, Samuel
Jovanetto, Domingo Leon, Manuel
Leon, Francisco S. Manzo, Francisco
Martinez, Miguel Martinez, Pedro
Martinez, Jose Maria Martinez, Nicolas
Martinez, Rancho McKenna, Michael
Molina, Alejandro Montano, Pedro
Montes, Jesus Morales, Adolfo
Morales, Alvina Munguia, Francisco
Ochoa, Pascual Orosco, Trinidad
Ortega, Gabino Ortega, Santos
Ortiz, Juan Jose Ortiz, Est. Jesus Maria
Otero, Sabino Pacheco, Est. of Refugio
Pacheco, Guadalupe S. De Pacheco, Nabor
Ramirez, Manuel Ramirez, Manuel
Romero, Francisco Romero, Leonardo
Ruelas, Ramon Ruelas, Francisco
Saenz, Rafael Sanchez, Langino
Sodella, Pedro Solarez, Ursala
Soso, Antonio Soto, Juan
Soza, Antonio Soza, Jose
Soza, Juan Sweney, John W. (sic)
Telles, Joaquin Tully, Ochoa & Co.
Valenzuela, Valentine Warner, Solomon

With ecstatic exhilaration, we report three significant findings about the family's historical and genealogical legacy.

First: The burial account of our ancestral Dona Rita Espinosa de Sosa, has been located. Bancroft Library provided a facsimile citing her death on April 16, 1820, at Tubac.

Don Garate, historian at the Tumacacori National Historical Park, Tumacacori, AZ graciously provided Spanish transcript and English translation of Rita's demise. Very importantly, we now know that Rita was buried in the Tubac church, and not the Tumacacori Mission cemetery. See reproduction item #103 below.

Secondly: Authentication of Alferez Jose Maria Sosa' death on April 2, 1800, was found in a report of the Presidio de San Agustin del Tucson, dated June 1, 1801, signed Mariano de Urrea.

Mrs. Carlos (Nadine) Vasquez, Carmichael, CA; long time acquaintance, historian, genealogist obtained a facsimile from the files of Archivo General de las Simancas, Valladolid, Spain. Copy of this document will be donated to AHS, Tucson.

Thirdly: Donald Garate, an authority on the lives of Juan Bautista de Anza, father and son, reports on Manuel Jose de Sosa, and Basques connected with the 1736 "discovery" of silver. Juan Bautista de Anza, the son was titular commander of Presidio San Ignacio de Tubac in 1774 when ancestor Jose Maria Sosa was there inventoried. No evidence yet affirming familial relationship between Manuel Jose de Sosa and our ancestor Jose Maria Sosa. See reproduction of item #40 below.

A magazine of the University of Arizona in their Spring 1998
issue under Bookmarks p/48, the following appears:
SOZA FAMILY HISTORY: ANTONIO CAMPA SOZA 1845-1915 is an online version of a family history compiled by Edward Soza. The Soza has deep roots in the Tucson area. They settled and homesteaded in the Sonoran Desert and later turned to the city. Included are over 90 images from original photographs, reproductions, and line drawings."

Access the history through: http://www.library.arizona./soza

Grateful acknowledgement of our recent donors.

Sosa, David & Isabelle Phoenix, AZ

Your help is needed to place at least fifteen (15) copies of Affidavits of Contest in university, archival, museum, genealogical libraries in AZ, CA, NM, TX and UT. See Order Form.
May we count on your support. An excellent way to memorialize a departed family member, with their name inscribed on the flyleaf.

ARIZONA STATE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY, P.O. Box 42075, Tucson, AZ 85733-2075. Anthony Van Alstine, Covina, CA sent us an alert about the ASGS computerizing their collection of news clippings and discarding the hard copies. Family related hard copies are now in our possession. If you want copies, and as a courtesy, please inquire first at ASGS. Asterisk * denotes an obituary.

Name Date Source
Soza, Manuel (Slain) 6/5/1911 Prospector *
Soza. Jesus Sotelo 8/26/1936 Arizona Daily Star *
Soza, Francisco Manzo 1/6/1970 Arizona Daily Star *
Soza, Tony F. 8/27/1970 Phoenix Gazette *
Soza, Mercedes E. 12/9/1970 Arizona Daily Star *
Soza, Ben & Armida 2/28/1974 Tucson Citizen
Soza, Rita R. (Peoria) 1/7/1975 Phoenix Gazette *
Soza, Armida Elias 2/17/1975 Arizona Daily Star *
Soza, Armida Elias 2/17/1975 Tucson Citizen *
Soza, Sebastian 10/28/1975 Phoenix Gazette *
Soza, Maria (Tempe) 6/1/1976 Phoenix Gazette
La Familia Soza, de Arizona 12/10/1976 El Sol, Phx, AZ
Gonzales, Maria Soza de 3/19/1981 Tucson Citizen
Soza, Antonio M. 10/18/1981 Tucson Daily Star * Gonzales Jr., Nazario A. 11/5/1982 Tucson Citizen
Soza, Ben M. 12/26/1986 Arizona Daily Star *

Treasurer Katherine Lee, Tempe reports a cash balance of $2,845.34 as of 4/17/1998 compared to $2,824.78 last reported 8/5/1997. These funds are earmarked for Reunion 2000 at Tucson, AZ. Many thanks to Kay for services as Reunion Treasurer.

In remembrance of those that have gone on before us.

Dancil, Cruz Yanez 1927-1998 Tucson, AZ
Grosse, Evangeline 1921-1998 Hacienda Heights, CA
Yanez, Roy B. 1906-1998 Phoenix, AZ

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