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Editor's Note: Newsletters for the Soza Family Reunion held in Tucson on November 6, 1982 are missing. To capture the essence of the Reunion, reproduced are remarks by Edward Soza, delivered at the John Charles Fremont House / Casa del Gobernador, where the donors to the Soza Sosa Trust Fund were acknowledged.

Tubac to Tucson 1775 - 1982

Welcome, welcome to everyone. We are extremely delighted that so many of you came to join us as we honor our ancestors. We rejoice in this richest of rich blessings; to know one another, and recount how we are all related. To become acquainted with someone with my surname, and be surprised that he or she is my first or second cousin, nephew, aunt, uncle etc. etc. For those of you that have not heard the story, let me recount how we came to be here.

In 1774, Jose Maria Sosa was a corporal in the Royal Spanish Army stationed at the Tubac Presidio, which is some 46 miles south of here. In that same year, an inventory of that presidio, states that Jose Maria Sosa was from Tecori, Sonora; he was a Spaniard; he was 28 years of age; and of good circumstances. In 1775, on recommendation of Lt. Col. Hugo O'Conner, the presidio was moved to the safer environment of San Agustin Del Tucson, henceforth marking the establishment of the now City of Tucson. Jose Maria Sosa rose through the ranks, and was commissioned an officer in 1790, with the rank of Alferez (Ensign) Second Grade, Calvary. A copy of his royal commission, together with a transcript of his nearly thirty year army career, is in the archives of the AHS.

The son, Jose Maria Sosa, (11) was the Civil Administrator of the Tumacacori Mission during the 1830's, and must have administered the "Torreon Land Grant" given to Alferez Jose Maria Sosa. In the 1850's, Jose Maria Sosa (111), with his wife Solana built the adobe house we now celebrate as the John Charles Fremont House / Casa del Gobernador. General Fremont rented the house briefly in the 1880's while serving as the 5th Territorial Governor of the Arizona Territory.

The house is now a National Historical Landmark, preserved by the THF, and deeded to the State of Arizona on April 9, 1975, which occasion marked the bicentennial for both the City of Tucson and the Soza Family. The house is administered by the AHS.

The 1982 Soza Family Reunion dinner 1982 was held at the Santa Rita Hotel. Events scheduled that day were:

10 AM Reception at the John Charles Fremont House / Casa del Gobernador

1 PM Mass at San Augustine Cathedral. The Most Rev. Manuel D. Moreno, D.D., Bishop of Tucson, Celebrant

3 PM Dedication of the Plaza of the Pioneers at the Tucson Museum of Art Herminia Leon Valenzuela Soza (1893-1964)

7 PM Reunion Dinner at the Santa Rita Hotel
Bishop Manuel D. Moreno Special Guest

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