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SOZA FAMILY NEWSLETTER Vol. 3, No.3 November 1995

Robert L. Soza, Alpine, TX has long been interested in tracing his roots, and it has led him on an extensive search. His curiosity has been further piqued as to whether the Texas Soza's are connected to the Arizona Soza's. His cousin is searching archival records for Sosa surnames amongst the troop movements between the Sonora, Arizona and Texas presidios.

Robert's ancestor Manuel Zosa received a military land grant, named "La Haciendita". The 160 acre land grant was acquired by brothers Robert and William, on May 3, 1989, and it adjoins another 160 acres owned by William.

Comments are invited from the Texas Soza branches or anyone with ancestral connections to the presidios. Thanks to Robert for the genealogical charts and notes which appear below.

The 1996 Arizona Historical Convention will be on April 25-27, at the Ramada Inn, Sierra Vista, Arizona.

The 1996 Call for Proposals was mailed, and reads:
"The Soza family will present $300. for the best paper, based on original research in primary sources, concerned with the history of Arizona's Spanish, Mexican and Mexican-American population..."

Previous winners and their paper titles have been:
1993 - Patricia Roche Herring:
General Jose C. Urrea, 1797 - 1849, Tucsonense Preclaro....

1994 - Douglas E. Kupel:
Tempe's First Families: Soza, Sotelo, and Elias.

In 1993, Scott Solliday, Curator of History, at the
Tempe Historical Museum submitted:
The Journey to Rio Salado: Hispanic Pioneers in Central Arizona.
It did not receive an award, but the paper does add significantly to the history of Arizona's Hispanic pioneers, including Soza brothers Juan, Nicolas, Antonio, and Placido.

1996 will mark the final year for the Officer Award. The Soza Family is extremely grateful to Dr. James E. Officer, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona for lending his name, evaluating papers, and presenting the awards.

BENITO M. SOZA 1886-1893
Cecilia Soza Fimbres confirms that her father, the late Antonio Moreno Soza installed the marker at the Soza Ranch, marking Benito M. Soza's grave. Corroboration was provided by Estella Vijil Vasquez thru daughter Olivia Vasquez. In 1893, Antonio Moreno Soza was five when Benito died, and Antonio long cherished the memory of his younger brother.

The second marker honors the late Mercedes Encinas Soza, wife of late Antonio Moreno Soza. September 19, 1910 was their wedding date, and December 5, 1970 was the day of her death.

Fred McAninch, Curator. When visiting Tucson, stop by and view the changing exhibits at the Museum. You will see:
* The Soza Room;
* Sosa, Soza Family Tree (1975 and 1986 Editions)
* Ancestor Alferez Jose Maria Sosa pen & ink drawing by famed artist Jose Cisneros, El Paso, Tx
* Manuela Sosa McKenna patchwork quilt. The heirloom quilt bears all the names and birth dates of the children of Manuela Sosa and Michael McKenna.

Bette Rodriguez Currie November 24, 1995 Oceanside, CA
Ramon Diaz Gamez August 25, 1995 Tucson, AZ
Aida L. Gonzales August 24, 1995 Tucson, AZ
Ofelia Ramirez Soza August 28, 1995 Phoenix, AZ
Jackson B. Perego 1994 San Fran., CA
Ruth Sabicchi Perego 1995 El Sobrante, CA

This is a modest computer program that creates ancestor and descendant family trees. This writer is using this program to organize the genealogical information obtained over the years.

If you have not submitted a list of your family's names, dates, of birth, marriages, children, deaths, etc, you run the risk being incorrectly listed or perhaps omitted.

A master hard copy will eventually be printed, indexing approximately 2,000 names collected to date. This genealogical work is intended as a serious, comprehensive family manuscript.
Do not be left out, send me your family tree with as much information as you now have. Do not wait.

Since their inception, NEWSLETTERS have been mailed FREE OF CHARGE. Family generosity has made this possible. Currently it is mailed to 440 families on our mailing list of over 500 names.
Expenses for each mailing have escalated to a current cost of approx. $235 for each edition. Cost cutting measures are being initiated i.e. try to avoid duplicate addresses; reduce mailing to only 350 families; and publish only once a year.
With very Best Wishes, Happy Holidays y Feliz Navidad.

La Haciendita

Farm Land and Brush - 160 acres total
Where my grandfather Jesus Soza & Grandmother Bernarda Baeza Soza
lived and their family was born:

Dolores Soza Carmen Soza Carrasco
Jesus Sosa, Jr. Josefina Soza Rede
Manuel G. Soza Bernarda Soza Gonzales
Alfonso Sosa Librada Soza Hernandez
Ruben Soza Beatriz Soza Sewell

La Haciendita has a family cemetery where my grandfather Jesus Soza and grandmother Bernarda Baeza Soza are buried.

Also my great grand father Dolores Lujan Soza and great grandmother Gertrudis Galindo (Deanda) Soza, plus many other family members are buried here.

La Haciendita warranty deed from Perfirio Sosa to Jesus Sosa, June 19, 1912, then to Jesus Soza, Jr. and Timotea Soza March 22, 1934.

Jesus Soza, Jr. then deed the property to his heirs:
Concepcion Soza Gallardo, Arturo Soza, & Jesus Jose Soza 111

LA Haciendita as of May 3, 1989 is owned by Roberto Lee Soza and William Soza; heirs of Manuel G. Soza.

Genealogical Flow Chart
For Roberto L. Soza

Quirino Soza Presidio del Norte (Ojinaga, Chi.) married 1827 >
Dolores Soza b. 1845, married August 18, 1866 >
Jesus Soza b. 1878 >
Manuel Guadalupe Soza >
b. December 12, 1912, married on May 4, 1935 to Rebecca Velasco,
b. October 10, 1915 >

Children born to Manuel Guadalupe Soza & Rebecca Velasco:

William Soza b. April 14, 1936 >
Evangelina Soza (Juarez) b. July 28, 1937 >
Roberto Lee Soza b. December 26, 1940 >
Maria Guadalupe Soza (Shields) b. February 14, 1942

The Tempe Sosa, Soza families were the subject of a feature story in the Arizona Republic, Life section page H1, October 1, 1995. Very happily, a reprint appears below.
SMRC - Newsletter September 1995 issue featured a very generous book review. Grateful appreciation is extended to Reviewer BLF (Dr. Bernard L. Fontana, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona) for his encouragement.

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