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Tucson Museum of Art
Plaza of the Pioneers

Responding to an invitation from the Tucson Museum of Art to take part in their planned Plaza of the Pioneers, honoring Arizona's earliest pioneers, family members obliged and underwrote the cost of memorializing the following:

Alferez Jose Maria Sosa
Don Antonio Campa Soza
Dona Maria Jesus Moreno de Soza
Antonio Moreno Soza
Mercedes Encinas Soza
Don Carlos Moreno Soza
Herminia Leon Valenzuela Soza

The Extended Soza Family was informed that the Soza family would participate by honoring the memory of Alferez Jose Maria Sosa 1744-1810. The inclusion of additional family members was a welcomed gesture.

A better understanding and appreciation for the Plaza of the Pioneers can be experienced by visiting the Plaza, plus perusing the commemorative book prepared by the Tucson Museum of Art for the dedication ceremony on Saturday, November 6, 1982.

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