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The Tucson Heritage Foundation

Dr. Emil W. Haury, President June 29, 1972
Tucson Heritage Foundation
P.O. Box 2268
Tucson, Arizona 85702

Dear Dr. Haury:
Thank you for your very generous letter of June 27, 1972, confirming that a room is being reserved for the Soza Family, subject to the conditions and understanding set forth in your letter.

I am aggressively working to raise the $5,000.00 for donation to the Foundation and will expend considerable effort in meeting the deadline of 120 days, otherwise I reserve the right to request an extension. Mr expectation is to meet the deadline.

There is an outside possibility that I may plan a Soza Family Reunion during Labor Day Weekend to be held in Tucson. If these plans materialize may we use the "Casa del Gobernador" and facilities for our reunion? The event would be used for the purpose of raising the $5,000.00 requirement, and instilling a greater appreciation of the cultural heritage that resides in our family. The Soza Family would again meet the requirements of the Foundation, Please let me know on this as tome is very limited for planning purposes.

Lastly, I note that your letterhead reads "The John Charles Fremont House, Casa del Gobernador. My understanding is that the "Jose Maria Sosa House" was to be known as the, and only as the "Casa del Gobernador". I concurred in the adoption of the name "Casa del Gobernador" , because it was supposed to be a compromise between the Soza Family and the Carrillo Family. If this is an incorrect understanding on part , and the Foundation will continue to refer to the Sosa House as the "The John Charles Fremont House", please advise me accordingly. If the Sosa names does not appear in the logo and letterhead, I object to the use of the Fremont name.

Looking forward to your response to the above inquiries.

Sincerely yours,

Edward Soza

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