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SOZA FAMILY NEWSLETTER Vol. 8, No. 1 March 2000 & Vol. 8, No. 2 May 2000



1775 – 2000

SOZA FAMILY NEWSLETTER Vol. 8, No. 1 March 2000

William Soza, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Soza & Company, Ltd.. Fairfax, VA graciously accepted our invitation to be the keynote speaker at the Soza Family Reunion to be held at Tucson, September 1-3, 2000.

We are exceedingly honored and extremely fortunate to have an outstanding and eminently successful businessman as our reunion keynote speaker.

Soza & Company, Ltd., started as a sole Practitioner Certified Public Accounting firm, and gradually evolved to its current standing as an international management consulting firm, serving private and public clients worldwide.

On February 22, 1999, William Soza was honored by the Joint Legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia for his numerous contributions to "his profession, his community, and to the Commonwealth of Virginia".

On September 25, 1998, William Soza was named 1998 Hispanic Man of the Year by the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

In 1998, Hispanic Business Magazine ranked So-a And Company, Ltd. as the 7th fastest growing Hispanic owned company; and the Greater Washington Ibero American Chamber of Commerce recognized Soza and Company, Ltd. as the Corporation of the Year.

The DoubleTree Hotel at Reid Park, 445 South Alvernon Way, Tucson, Az 85711 is the official reunion headquarters. Phone 5120881-4200, FAX 520-323-5223. Use Hotel Reservation form enclosed.

A commemorative coffee cup, displaying the Reunion Logo and the Soza Coat of Arms is offered as a reunion keepsake. It is a 9 oz. white porcelain cup with the Soya Coat of Arms, in beautiful colors of metallic gold, red, and black. It will be a quality heirloom and you will want several for your family and friends. Our minimum order is 150 cups. Do not be left out. Order now.

Also offered as a reunion keepsake, is an embroidered White 100% Cotton Pique Knit Sport Shirt at $25.00. Shirts are of excellent quality and are offered in S-M-L-XL. Place your orders now. The embroidery reads:


Fred's generosity included gifts to the Tubac Presidio State Park, namely two "pen & ink” drawings by Texas artist Jose Cisneros, depicting ancestor Alferez Jose Maria" Sosa, and Col. Juan Bautista de Anza. A third gift was a Soza Family Tree, by Texas calligrapher Richard Silva. These gifts are on display at the Tubac Presidio State Park, Tubac, AZ.

Treasurer Cecilia S. Fimbres reports a bank balance of $2,730.67 compared to the report of September CO, 1999 @ $ 3,938.35. The smaller balance reflects disbursements for newsletters, reunion related advance deposits, and reunion shirt inventory.

All descendants of Alferez Don Jose Maria Sosa and Dona Rita Espinosa de Sosa, and their families, relatives, and friends are cordially invited to attend an extraordinary family reunion.

The reunion celebrates ancestor Don Jose Maria Sosa's arrival at El Presidio de San Agustin del Tucson in de San Ignacio de Tubac. Sosa was born at Espana in 1746, and died April 2, 1800 at Royal Presidial Forces at Tubac and Tucson 1775, from El Presidio Jecori, Sonora, Nueva Tucson. He served with Royal Presidential Forces at Tubac and Tucson presidios 1770-1800.

His widow, Dona Rita Espinosa de Sosa died at Tubac on April 16th, and was buried April 17, 1820, in the Tubac Church next to the Holy Water basin. Present day St. Ann's Church at Tubac was built over the foundation of the original Tubac Church.

Marking the 225th anniversary of an ancestor's arrival at Tucson is an auspicious and unique event; an event that will highlight our family's illustrious Arizona heritage, history, and lineage.

The strongest compelling reasons why you should attend, are: cultural, heritage, and historical. Furthermore, senior family elders, whom are diminishing in number, will be recognized at the Opening Ceremony. You will want to be there for them.

Lastly, your financial support is essential for the success of the three (3) day reunion gala. For those that are able, consider making a gift, or designate a gift in memory of loved ones. The names of all financial supporters and memorial honorees will appear in the Reunion Commemorative Dinner Program.

Come, celebrate, and re-connect.

Edward Soza,Reunion General Chairman

264 East Glen Canyon Road, Altadena, CA 91001-3565

Home 626-798-3072 - FAX 626-798-3072



Soza Family Reunion 2000

September 1-3, 2000

DoubleTree Hotel at Reid Park

Tucson, Arizona

Complete the Registration / Reservation application and return with your check, made payable to Soza Family Reunion 2000.


Cecilia S. Fimbres, Treasurer

10054 East Golf Link Road

Tucson, AZ 85 730-1511

Banquet Dinner, Saturday Evening September 2, 2000

Table for ten (10) persons X $30.00 each $_________

Banquet Dinner, Saturday Evening, September 2, 2000

Dinner reservation for - persons X $30.00 each $_________

Dinner Selection:

Beef x ____ Chicken x _____ Vegetarian x_____

Children's Plate (10 & under) $15.00 Ea. x___ $_________

Selection: Chicken Fingers, Hamburger, or Pizza

Sunday, September 3, 2000

Walk in the shadow and footsteps of your ancestors. Tour Tubac Presidia State Park, St. Ann's Church, and Tumacacori National Historical Park. Arrangements courtesy Tubac Historical Society.

Light Lunch at Tubac Community Center,

Price and details later. Interested?

Will you attend? Yes___ No___ How many ?___

Donation Towards Soza Newsletter Expenses. $________

Donation Towards Reunion Expenses $________

Donation in Memory of.... $________

Print Name _________________________________________

Soza Reunion 2000 Coffee Cups $9.00 each x ____ qty.

Soza Family Reunion 2000 Sport Shirt (S-M-L-XL)

Size ___ Qty. ___ X $25.00 each $________

Grand Total $________


1775 - 2000

SOZA FAMILY NEWSLETTER Vol. 8, No. 2 May, 2000

Time is fleeting. The Tucson Reunion Committee needs to know who, and how many are coming. Plans can not be finalized until a good solid head count is available. Submit your reservations and orders now. August 4, 2000 is reunion banquet dinner deadline.

Family seniors 75 & over will be publicly recognized at the Opening Ceremony on Saturday morning, September 2, 2000. If you or a member of your family is 75 years & over, make that known on your registration, reservation order form. An opportune time awaits you, to reconnect with senior family members.

Thirty years ago, when genealogical research was begun by this writer, the late Dr. James E. Officer, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona suggested that an attempt should be made to connect Sosa, Soza descendants living on both sides of the United States - Mexican border.

The challenge was attempted by creating a mailing list of over 700 families. The net was cast far and wide. If you were in the White or Yellow Pages, chances are you were caught in the net.

One respondent was Robert L. Soza, Alpine, TX. South of Alpine, along the Rio Grande River, is an area that was settled in the late 1600's with missions. About 1766-1773, these missions were abandoned, and later some were converted into presidios. Presidio La Junta de los Rios emerged as Presidio del Norte, birthplace area of our keynote speaker.

The notion that there might be a connection between Texas and Arizona presidio families is interesting, and one that better equipped researchers should pursue. This writer's meager research is found in his book: New World Odyssey, A Search for Roots: The Sosa, Soza families of Arizona (1995). Many Texas Sosa military personnel is referenced, plus our own Alferez Jose Maria Sosa.

At Soza Family Reunion 2000, you will have an opportunity to welcome William Soza, whose Texas boyhood parallels some in the Arizona families. His very successful business career, is one we would hope and wish for many of our family members.

Honors received by William Soza, are many, but the highest, was being honored in 1999 by the joint Legislatures of Commonwealth of Virginia. He was honored for his contributions to "his profession, his community, and to the Commonwealth of Virginia".


Friday, September 1, 2000 Soza Family Reunion Registration

Open Event DoubleTree Hotel at Reid Park: C PM to 8 PM

Friday, September 1, 2000 Soza Reunion Open House

Open Event Sosa-Carrillo-Fremont House 10 AM to 4 PM

Friday, September 1, 2000 Soza Reunion Informal Welcome

Open Event DoubleTree Hotel at Reid Park: 6 PM to 8 PM

Saturday, September 2, 2000 Soza Reunion Opening Ceremony

Open Event Leo Rich Theatre

Tucson Convention Center 9 AM to 11 AM

Saturday, September 2, 2000 San Augustine Cathedral

Open Event Mass, 12 Noon

Saturday, September 2, 2000 Soza Reunion Open House

Open Event Sosa-Carrillo-Fremont House 10 AM to 4. PM

Saturday, September 2, 2000 Soza Reunion Banquet Dinner

By Reservation Only DoubleTree Hotel at Reid Park

No Ticket sales at Door No Host Reception - Banquet Dinner

August 4th Is Reservation Deadline

Sunday, September 3, 2000 Tubac Historic Tour

Open Event Tubac Presidio Park: ruins Tubac St. Ann's Church

Tumacacori Nat'l Historical Park.

Free Field Trip to Calabasas and

Guevavi Missions Ruins.

By Reservation Only Catered Buffet Lunch

Limited Seating Tubac Community Center

Capacity 100-150 $8.25 per person

Reunion Information contact: Hector V. Soza

Chairman, Tucson Reunion Committee

520-298-7052 or FAX 520-298-7052

Reunion Reservations contact: Cecilia S. Fimbres, Treasurer


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