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Dedication and Memoria

A mis padres, Juan Moreno Soza y Maria Petra Yanez de Soza

Memoria, Dr. James E. Officer, 1924-1996

Dr. James E. Officer, 1924-1996 [50K]

This volume might have been written sooner had Jim persisted and prevailed. His feeling was that a history of a family with roots to the Spanish Colonial, Mexican and Territorial [28K] periods, should and ought to be written for the benefit of future generations.

Jim was keenly interested in the Soza family's San Pedro River [34K] homestead activities, and urged recording it's history before the principals were gone and the information was lost.

Two earlier volumes by this writer, HISPANIC HOMESTEADERS IN ARIZONA 1870-1908 and MEXICAN HOMESTEADERS IN THE SAN PEDRO RIVER VALLEY, were inspired and encouraged by Jim.

On another occasion, Jim suggested a trip to Jecori, Sonora to visit the 1746 birthplace of ancestor Alferez José Maria Sosa. [35K] It would have been an opportunity to see the land first hand and to get a sense of that historic area, from whence the family came.

Belatedly and sadly, the trip never materialized.

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