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Register of Final Homestead 1885-1910
  Land Entries Contested by Individuals 1905-1918
  Abstract of Lands Sold 1873-1908
  Register of Entries Made at Land Office at Florence and Tucson Under Homestead Act of 1862.
Abstracts of Declaratory Statements Florence August 1873 to August 1881 Tucson September 1881 to 1908
  Declarations of an individuals's Eligibility to Preempt; Declaratory Statements 1878-1886; DS #1101 TO 1891
  Applications for Cash Purchase of Land 1887
Box 265-#256-#428
  Record of Applications to Make Final Proof for Homestead and Desert Land Entries October 1905 to August 1908
  Register of Final Homestead Certificates
  Abstract of Final Desert Land Entries
Register of Final Certificates issued at Land Office at Florence


A Walk Through The Past Affidavits of Contest New World Odyssey, A Search For Roots Hispanic Homesteaders in Arizona Mexican Homesteaders in the San Pedro River Arizona Pictorial Biography