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Boxes 237 to 238
Land Entries Contested by Individuals

Docket Contestant Vs Contestee
489 Bates, Edward A. vs. Lopez, Antonio
  HE 5022 8-5S-15E    
2/11/1908 Affidavit of Contest filed.    
3/23/1908 Cancelled by relinquishment    
942 Luna, Juan V. vs Marley, Douglas
  HE 1150 17 & 18-8S-17E    
11/5/1909 Affidavit of Contest filed charging abandonment.
6/15/1910 Entry cancelled.
6/20/1901 Preference Right to Contestant.
1004 Bentura Gracias vs. Henry J. Bates
  HE 04790 17-5S-15E    
12/9/1909 GLO orders proceedings, hearing.
4/3/1910 R & R recommend cancellation of Bates entry.
10/24/1910 Case closed in favor of Gracias.


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