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Boxes 274 to 275
Abstract of Final Desert Land Entries
Register of Final Certificates issued at Land Office at Florence

Name Date Location Acres
7 Feliz Madrid, Pima 3/31/1880 33 & 34-16S-20E 639
  Original application 178    
  Affidavit of contest filed 3/21/1884 by R.E. Wilson, Atty of Benson. Hearing ordered for 10/12/1885. When cancelled notify Newton Smith, Benson. Patented 5/19/1890. Patent delivered to L. Manning 6/12/1890. Copy from National Archives in writer's possession.
19 Leonardo Apodaca, San Pedro 4/21/1881 Unsurveyed 640
  Original application 170.      
  Cancelled by Commissioner's letter C 2/12/1887. Land had not been surveyed, therefore ineligible for homestead. GLO letter "C" of February 12, 1887. refers to irregular issuance of Final Proof Certificate, Register's Final Certificate and Receiver's Final Receipt, on the April 20, 1879 Leonardo Apodaca DLE entry #170 for unsurveyed land described by metes and bounds containing 640 acres. Although UNSURVEYED LAND was ineligible for homestead, the Register and Receiver erred in receiving and processing DLE #170 made by Leonardo Apodaca. GLO Letter C copy in writer's file.
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