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Wm. A. Cunningham Double Minimum Land [PDF 17K]
  Nicolas Soza Declaratory Statement [PDF 16K]
  Juan Soza Pre-Emption Proof [PDF 65K]
  Rufino Chavarria Declaration of Intention [PDF 41K]
  P.G. Benson Declaratory Statement [PDF 63K]
  Marcario Cordova Cash Purchase [PDF 38K]
  Antonio Soza Relinquishment to Nabor Pacheco [PDF 49K]
  Joseph Hoefler Pre-Emption Declaratory Statement [PDF 106K]
  Letter C R&R Admonished for Expiration of Statute of Limitation [PDF 49K]
  Patent Antonio Soza Receives Patent Signed by President Benjamin Harrison [PDF 87K]
  Conception Gonzales Lapsed Final Proof Submitted [PDF 46K]
  Map Map of Temporary Government of
Territory of Arizona 1864
[PDF 28K]
  Map Territory of Arizona 1875 [PDF 51K]
  Map Territory of Arizona 1895 [PDF 57K]



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