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Alferez Jose Maria Sosa [95K] (b. 1746 - d. c 1810)
1994 Pen & Ink drawing by José Cisneros, El Paso, Texas

Genealogia de las Familial Sola y Soza de Arizona 1775 - 1975 [155K]
Original at Arizona Historical Society, Tucson

Genealogia de lal Familial Sola y Soza de Arizona 1775 - 1986 [81K]
Original at Tubac Presidio Park, Tubac

1975 Proclamation - City of Tucson [111K]

1994 Proclamation - City of Tempe [91K]

Map - Extent of the 1740 Yaqui Rebellion [116K]

Map - Northwestern New Spain 1692 - 1735 [79K]

Map - Jesuit Missions, Northwestern New Spain 1711 - 1767 [121K]

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