La Cadena Que No Se Corta: The Unbroken Chain

La Cadena Que No Se Corta en espagñol

el Taller, the Workshop
Video Clips shot at the exhibit at the University of Arizona Museum of Art, November 1996

Video clips from el Taller, the Workshop, section of the exhibit provide us with visual examples of ornamental ironwork as well as elaborate leather and woodwork. Get the free RealPlayer to view these video selections.

The design of leather boots made in Tucson by Mexicanos for the Mexicano market often consists of brightly colored leathers and incorporates rare skins. View a selection of boots [01:27 RealPlayer] paying special attention to the snakehead and the elaborate designs in the leather. This style can also be found in belts, purses, and wallets. [01:00 RealPlayer]

Handcrafted wooden furniture may also include elaborate designs. View the skeleton icons on the top and side of this desk/dresser [00:44 RealPlayer] the designs on this wooden headboard, [17 seconds] this large wooden workbench, [01:00 RealPlayer] and this dresser, [00:43 RealPlayer] that incorporates the image of the devil and a pair of angels into its design. Tables may incorporate unusual designs on both the legs [00:13 RealPlayer] as well as the tops such as in this one.

Furniture may also feature clean lines such as this rocking chair and table pairing. [00:10 RealPlayer]

Wrought iron is also commonly used in furniture design and in uniquely crafted accessories. Examples are: a metal bar stool; [00:07 RealPlayer] a metal chair; [00:09 RealPlayer] free standing single bottle wine rack; [00:12 RealPlayer] a multi bottle wall wine rack [00:12 RealPlayer] and this lantern and chair pairing. [00:25 RealPlayer]

Also included in the activities of "el Taller" is the annual making and selling of bread masks in celebration of "el dia de los muertos" or the Day of the Dead, on November 2nd. These masks [00:14 RealPlayer] are typically made out of a rich egg bread.

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