A Heritage of Loving Service: The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in Tucson
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Heritage: The Story of St. Mary's Hospital, 1880-1980
By Leo G. Bryne and Sister Alberta Cammack, C.S.J

Chapter II Modern Medical Complex
New West Wing

Before breaking ground for the new wing expansion, a long-range feasibility study was done which included a department-by-department determination of space requirements. Recommendations as to interactions and interrelationships among the departments set priorities as to which should be adjacent or close to each other and which units should be located on various floors.

The architects utilized the information in their primary design. The First Floor, as planned, now houses the critical care areas, together with Inpatient and Outpatient Surgery and Recovery Rooms. Ancillary units located on the same floor are Clinical Laboratory, Gastroenterology (G.I. Lab), Electroencephalography (EEG) and Nuclear Medicine. The Second Floor is utilized for mechanical space relating to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. On the Third Floor is located the 144-bed Medical/ Surgical Unit. Respiratory, the Burn Unit, the 44-bed Orthopedics Unit and the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, with its related therapies, comprise the Fourth Floor. As part of the new set-up, the North Wing has continued to be used for patient care with a new Pediatric Unit located on the third Floor. From the Central Building, Physical Therapy, Clinical Laboratory and all former patient-care facilities have been relocated in the newest facility. Except for Renal Dialysis, the Central Building now houses only administrative, business and other offices, together with supportive, dietary and housekeeping units.

St. Mary's, the oldest hospital in Tucson, is now the newest in its overall aspect of added space, new facilities and new equipment housed in a splendid new wing which comprises the majority of patient care facilities. Including 254 patient beds in the new wing and those of the North Wing patient areas, St. Mary's now accommodates a total of 374 patient beds. Throughout the past century, the development of facilities within the hospital has kept pace with medical, technological and therapeutic growth, aided by the efforts of hospital personnel, local physicians and community support.

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