A Heritage of Loving Service: The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in Tucson
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Heritage: The Story of St. Mary's Hospital, 1880-1980
By Leo G. Bryne and Sister Alberta Cammack, C.S.J

Chapter II Modern Medical Complex
Nursing Staff

Part of St. Mary's history and basic to its service is St. Mary's Nursing Staff. The School of Nursing which closed in 1966 was in great part responsible for the spirit and the expertise of the hospital nurses for over 50 years. Those who survived the rigors of nursing in the early days were, perhaps, the most resourceful and responsible women ever produced. Among them were the stern head nurses who insisted on "perfection," a heritage passed on to future generations.

Although the basic concepts of nursing remain unchanged, new technologies in the health care field mandate specialization of nursing services to meet the needs of patients who require specialized treatment. Toward this end, St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center has, over the years, enlarged and revamped its facility to ensure adequate space for such individuals, and the Patient Care Division has provided personnel with the nursing expertise necessary to direct and staff these specialized units.

In recent years, new trends in nursing have also evolved from nursing research. One of these trends is primary care nursing which St. Mary's has adopted and now utilizes throughout the Nursing Units. Full implementation of primary care requires specially designed "pods" where all supplies and medications needed by the patients are kept in "nurservers" located just outside the patients' rooms. In this setting continuity of care is assured, for the nurse is able to provide complete, individualized, professional attention to each patient and can quickly respond to the patient's needs. Unique demands have recently placed nurses in discharge planning, in bed control, and as patient representatives serving as mediators, able to recommend home services which may be needed, levels of patient care on admission, and possible solutions to a multitude of "patient vs. hospital" problems.

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