A Heritage of Loving Service: The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in Tucson
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Heritage: The Story of St. Mary's Hospital, 1880-1980
By Leo G. Bryne and Sister Alberta Cammack, C.S.J

Chapter III Contemporary St. Mary's
Intensive Care Heart Monitor

Today, with the expansion and resources made possible in the recently opened West Wing, new and more sophisticated services are being offered. In Intensive Care, the latest equipment is the ultimate in efficiency. The Hewlett Packard Arrhythmia Computer is certainly one of the most important. It consists of one basic unit which interlocks forty room monitors to six consoles in the nursing centers and to the central computer which is housed in the Unit Director's office.

A three-level alarm system alerts the staff to significant changes in rhythm or heart rate, enabling them to begin effective treatment before the situation worsens. Visual display, on request, of a patient's trends over the past nine hours permits instant evaluation of his responses to various therapies and provides a basis for deciding on further courses of action. Radio signals from ambulatory patients' monitors are picked up by antennae in the ceiling and relayed to monitors in the patient's room.

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