A Heritage of Loving Service: The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in Tucson
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Heritage: The Story of St. Mary's Hospital, 1880-1980
By Leo G. Bryne and Sister Alberta Cammack, C.S.J


This centennial book has been prepared for the many friends and employees of St. Mary's, some of whom have been and still are a part of St. Mary's history. The few mentioned, are individuals who relate to initial developments and eras, delineated in various chapters on administrators, buildings and changes in health care. For the few who are mentioned, there are many more who shared the same vision, concerns and ideals.

Sister Aloysia Ames' book, The St. Mary's I Knew, is the basis for much of “Chapter One” which details the early history of the Hospital into the forties. This has been developed along with a more comprehensive treatment of the various historical and social aspects of the time. Developments after World War II are included in “Chapter Two”. Sources for these years are contained in St. Mary's Archives in Bulletins, Annual Reports, and Newspaper Scrapbooks. Consultants for “Chapter Two” have been the administrators who served St. Mary's during those years. “Chapter Three”, which deals with contempory art. St. Mary's has been developed with the help of hospital personnel serving in the different departments.

The History Committee wishes to thank those who contributed perspectives through questionnaires and interviews – for historical data: Doctors Stanley W. Kitt, M.D., Garfield P. Schnabel, M.D., Esther Closson, M.D., and Harold W. Kohl, Sr., M.D.; together with Edward Hart, Jr., Helen Harrel, R. N., and Sister Rebecca Doan, R.N. –for overviews of medical developments: Dr. Jack Nestor, M.D., Marshall Brucer, M.D., Stuart I. Holtzman, M.D., Richard J. McCarty, M.D., and Howard Lawrence, M.D.; also Professor Emeritus of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Arizona, Dr. George A. Bender, Ph.D.

Of great use also in preparing this history of St. Mary's have been the materials which were made available by the Arizona Historical Society.

Included among various contributors who helped with writing and research are members of the History Committee, Gib Clarke and Rey Acadiz. We especially wish to mention those whose written contributions were used in developing the following sections: Medicare, Sue Osborn; Emergency, Lillian Kennedy, R.N. and Christine Manee, R. N.; Pastoral Care, Sister Margaret Walsh; Administration, Betty Ochoa; Nursing Service and Education, Evelyn Chapman, R. N.; Laminar Flow System and Intensive Care Monitoring, Rey Acadiz; Clinical Laboratory, Elda M. Elias; Out Patient Surgery, M. Oralia Romo, R. N.; Respiratory Therapy, Charles Hudson; Nuclear Medicine, Thomas Williams; Electroencephalograph Laboratory, Ermelinda Garcia; Pharmacy, Dan Kopp; and Edwin Bebee and Kathy Byrne whose writing constitute the entire sections on “Gastroenterology Laboratory” and “The Future of Medical Care” respectively.

We also acknowledge our debt of gratitude to Andrew W. Gaudielle, M.D., whose excellent drawings depict St. Mary's history and growth throughout its one hundred years; to Lynda Rebensdorf, who typed the manuscript; to Bruce Mitten, Scott Duila and Sister Cecilia Joseph Wight for photographic assistance; to Sister Rosaleen Russell, who helped with design and lay-out, and John La Forgia, who supervised the book's production.

A special thanks is given to Sister Marie Chapla, who conceived the original idea for this publication in recognition of St. Mary's Centennial, and to Betty Ochoa and Sister St. Joan Willert, whose constant support has made possible the fulfilling of this assignment.

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