Cowboy Songs and Singers: Of Lifeways and Legend

About the Website

Cowboy Songs and Singers: Of Lifeways and Legends is the product of a University of Arizona New Learning Environments 2000 grant award.

It was initially a collaborative effort for Dr. Janet Sturman's Music 334 class, Fall semester 2000, and the UA Learning Technologies Center. Contributors to the content were:

  • Dr. Joni Adamson, Department of English, UA South
  • Stuart Glogoff, Sr. Consultant, Learning Technologies, Learning Technology Center
  • Lee Furr, Media Specialist, Principal, Treistman Center, College of Fine Arts [retired]
  • Jeff Imig, Senior Computer Center Development Specialist, Learning Technology Center
  • Dr. James S. Griffith, Director, Southwest Folklore Center; Professor, Department of English [retired]
  • Elaine Mariolle, a graduate associate and doctoral student in the Department of Geography

Since its use in Music 334, it has been revised as a component of the Music of the Southwest website. Additional resources have been added as they have become available.

In addition, resources included in Cowboy Songs and Singers: Of Lifeways and Legends that are drawn from audio tapes in the Tucson Meet Yourself (TMY) cultural heritage festival are housed in the University of Arizona Library's Special Collections. Library staff can provide a finding aid to the TMY collection, which contains the correspondence, financial records, publicity, photographs, slides, and audiotape reels and tape reel transcripts documenting the festival.

In March 2005, Andrew Bareham, student assistant in the Learning Technologies Center designed the new header image and logo images for content sections that appear in the current interface design.

Copyright and Fair Use

We have made an effort to secure releases from the owners of the intellectual property used in Cowboy Songs and Singers. In some cases we have paid a royalty fee. Please respect the rights of the owners of any content in this website as you explore it for personal or educational purposes. Read Through Our Parents' Eyes Rights & Permissions statement.

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