Cowboy Songs and Singers: Of Lifeways and Legend

Orejana Bull for Cowboys Only
by Gail Gardner

thumb image of cover to Orejana Bull for Cowboys Only by Gail Gardner


The Desert Caballeros
On This Fifteenth Anniversary
Present This Collection of Cowboy Poems
By Our Good Friend and Honorary Life Member

Gail Gardner


From A re-print first copyrighted in 1935 and reproduced in 1950

The Sierry Petes (Or, Tying the Knots in the Devil's Tail)
Cowboy Love Song
The Moonshine Steer
The Cowman's Troubles
Old Batch
The Dude Wrangler
Arizona August
The Flyin' Cowboy
Cowboy, Whiskey, Museum & Co.
Real Cowboy Life
Show Boy
For the Benefit of Those Who Are Not Cowboys
The Desert Caballeros



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