Cowboy Songs and Singers: Of Lifeways and Legend

Orejana Bull for Cowboys Only
by Gail Gardner

OREJANA: ( Pronounced, oh-re-han-nah ) . An unbranded animal old enough to quit its mother; also called a "maverick."

SIERRY PETES: The Sierra Prieta mountains just west of Prescott, Arizona.

RODEO: Spanish for roundup, often pronounced "rodeer" by cowmen. Only in the last few years has it come to mean a cowboy show.

DOGIE: Literally, a calf whose mother has died, also known as "leppy." However, the term is often facetiously applied to all calves and even to big steers.

SEAGO: A grass rope; also known as "Yacht Line."

BUCKEROO: Vaquero, cowboy.

WHISKEY ROW: Montezuma Street in Prescott, Arizona. (The Kentucky Bar used to be the first saloon on the Row. The old Depot House on Cortez Street was just torn down this year.)

DALLIES: Turns with a rope around the saddle horn. You "take your dallies" with your rope around the saddle horn after you have caught something.

REATA: A braided rawhide rope, also called a "Gut-Line."

OUTLAW: In this section of the country when cattle are too wild to be handled any other way they are "outlawed"; that is they are roped, tied up to trees and led in the next day.

CENTER: A man who rides a "Center-fire" or single--cinch saddle a dally man.

RIMMY: Man who rides a "Rim-fire" or double--cinch saddleuaually ties his rope hard and fast to the saddle horn. (Note: We will not be drawn into any discussion of the relative merits of Rimmys and Centers.)

DALLY WELTIE: Translate "give a turn" into Spanish and you have it.

CAVIADA: The remuda or bunch of saddle horses.

SOOGANS: Quilts. (In case you don't know it, a cowboy's pillow is called a "Goose-hair.")

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