Cowboy Songs and Singers: Of Lifeways and Legend

Orejana Bull for Cowboys Only
by Gail Gardner


They say there isn't nothin'
That a cowboy wouldn't try,
So when it come to warfare,
I thought I'd learn to fly.

And I'm gosh-almighty thankful
That I really got the chance,
For flyin' tricks come handy
On an Arizona ranch.

When a cow gits down and won't git up,
And other methods fail,
I puts her in a "tail-spin,'
Which is, twistin' of her tail.

Oh, I catches up a broncho,
And I grabs his "aileron,'
I sticks "control wires" in his face,
And I slaps the "cockpit" on.

I buckles on a pair of chaps,
Of the latest "streamline" style,
Then I "take off" up the canyon,
For about a half a mile.

My bronk gets "motor trouble,"
So to make him hit a lope,
I warps him on the "empennage"
With a double of a rope.

But this aviatin' business
Has made me kinda rash,
For we "side slip" on the mountain side,
And I gits an awful "crash."

The rollin' of the bowlders
Starts a long-eared yearlin' bull,
So I hits the breeze in after him
With the "throttle" opened full.

I chase him up the canyon
As hard as I can whoop,
And with my rope I'm doin'
What we flyers calls a loop.

When it comes to catchin' yearlin's,
We does it with a rush,
I heave back on the saddle horn,
And then we "zoom" the brush.

That yearlin' does an "Immelmann,"
I "banks" her to the right,
And as he comes back by me,
I hooks it on him tight.

I catch him round the `longerons,"
And tangle one front "strut,"
I yank him off his "landin' gear"
To see if he'll "crack up."

He does a "spiral nose-dive,"
And when he hits the sand,
Upon his hairy "fuselage"
I burns my "0 N" brand.

Now since I'm tryin' flyin' stunts
With all my cows and things,
I wouldn't be at all surprised
If every one growed wings.

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