Cowboy Songs and Singers: Of Lifeways and Legend

Orejana Bull for Cowboys Only
by Gail Gardner


I used to know a cowboy
As wild as he could be,
He lived out in the mountains,
And a town he'd seldom see.

He could fork a salty broncho,
And fan him till be bawled;
He could gouge him with his tripe-hooks
Till his carcass shore was mauled.

He could jump a moss-backed outlaw,
And tie him down right now;
He was just the best Buckaro
That ever turned a cow.

Well he came into a city,
Where they was havin' of a show,
With tiein' steers and ridin' bronks,
And Western sports you know.

So he entered all the contests,
And really he done fine;
He rode their bronks an' tied their steers
In what was record time.

Well he win a lot of money,
And he win a lot of fame,
So he thought he'd quit cowpunching,
And take up the contest game.

Oh, he used to wrastle dogies,
But now he bulldogs steers,
Fer he's wide between the shoulders,
And he's narrow between the ears.

He used to ride his top-horse
When he traveled on his way;
Now he puts him in a trailer
Behind his Chevrolet.

So he travels round the country,
From Chicago to Cheyenne;
He will never hold a steady job,
Nor ride the range again.

He used to think that sixty bucks
Was pretty fancy pay,
Now he won't top a horse nor build a loop
Without a prize each day.

Oh, pity this poor cowboy,
No money will he save;
He will bust his bones and lose his hide,
And fill a drunkard's grave.

Now a cowboy's life's a hard one,
As everybody knows,
But it's better far than drifting round
To foller cowboy shows.

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