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"Easy" Company was formed of mostly Mexican American boys from the different barrios of Tucson in 1947. Most of them were high school kids with a smattering of previous service veterans. As in the previous war, the United States was ill-prepared to go to war, so "E" Company was activated to bring the 1st Division up to strength for the Korean War.

"Easy" Company was disbanded once it arrived at Camp Pendleton. As a rule, the less-experienced young reservists were sent to boot camp. A great percentage made the Inchon landing. All through the Korean War, "E" Company provided men to the 1st Division. To the best of our knowledge, one hundred thirteen "Easy" Company members served in Korea.

If medals are a testimony to bravery, "E" Company had a good share of them with one Navy Cross, eight Silver Stars, seven Bronze Stars, forty-seven Purple Hearts and two Letters of Commendation Medals, at last count. They were all heroes, if you consider that bravery is doing what you had to do in spite of your fears.

They knew their duty and they performed it better than well.


Acknowledged gratitude to: Ann Day, Patricia Preciado Martin, and my dear wife, Irma, who kept me on the right track. Also to Annie Lopez and Rudy Lucero and all who offered their encouragement; and, especially to those marines that shared their stories.

Estel Hubbard honored with certificate
Estel Hubbard, honored with certificate of Mother of "Easy" Company,
with son Charles and wife Carol, July 21, 1996

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