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This booklet is humbly dedicated to the memory of Major Morse L. Holladay, who was "Easy" Company's commanding officer.

Morse L. Holladay was our well-liked and respected captain of "E" Company, Tucson Marine Reserves.

When "Easy" Company was broken up and reassigned once we arrived at Camp Pendleton, Captain Holladay was sent to the First Service Battalion as commanding officer of Headquarters Company.

He distinguished himself at Hagaru-ri during the Chosin Campaign for extraordinary heroism. He was awarded our nation's second highest medal, the Navy Cross, leading "E" Company by example.

There is no disputing "the kind of stuff" Holladay was made of. In World War II, he had already been awarded the Bronze Star for valor in the Soloman Islands campaign, and in Korea, he was also awarded the Silver Star for action in the Inchon-Seoul campaign.

Nacho Cruz being presented the bronze star
"Sgt. Ignacio Cruz receiving the Bronze Star from Capt. Morse L. Holladay, Bob Hope, assisting."
Taken in Tucson by Sam Levitz 1952.

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