In The Steps of Esteban: Tucson's African American Heritage

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Lesson Plans & Ideas

Activity 1: African American Heritage Crossword Puzzle

The first three sections under A Brief History are "Estaban, a 16th Century Explorer," "The Early Settlers", and "African American Soldiers." Read the sections and use the information to complete the crossword puzzle on the following page.

You will be able to save yourself some time and effort if you can figure out which section contains the answer for each crossword clue. Look at the crossword clue for ACROSS #4. In which section would you guess you could find the crossword answer?


What words in the clue let you know where to look?


Find another clue which gives a hint about the section which probably contains the crossword answer. What is the clue number? What are the clue words?



Now, complete the crossword puzzle.

NOTE: The crossword puzzle prints out clearer than it appears on the screen.


1. Many early settlers
chose to live in the area of _____
2. Esteban was originally
from _____.
4. Where early African American settlers
could live was _____.
3. Lt. Henry O. Flipper,
the first Black graduate of
_____ (2 words)
7. 1949 was the year Master
Sergeant _____ was finally
assigned to duties appropriate to his
rank and abilities.
5. Esteban may have been
rescued from slavery by
the _____ tribe.
8. The first person of African
heritage to reach the
Tucson area was _____.
6. The type of employment for
these early settlers
was _____.
9. Some of the soldiers were
_____ of bilingual interpreters.
10. Native Americans gave the
nickname _____ soldiers to
African American troops.
12. Many of the early settlers
came to Tucson from _____ states.
11. Mr. and Mrs. Wiley
_____ came to the Tucson area
between 1850-1855.
15. "Rattlesnake Guch" was the
nickname given to Black
soldiers' ____.
13. The Edmond Robinsons ran a
rooming ____.

14. The Tucson chapter of the
_____ was formed in 1918.