In The Steps of Esteban: Tucson's African American Heritage

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Special Topics & Publications

African American History Internship Project (AAHIP). Oral histories collected by project teams.

The Negro of Tucson, Past and Present. A full-text version of James Walter Yancy's 1933 thesis. It includes original images from the Yancy thesis.

University of Arizona Special Collections. Selected images of African American soldiers from the UA Library Special Collections.

Trailtones: The African American Heritage of Arizona. A full-text version of a bibliography about African American heritage in Arizona by Gloria L. Smith. The Photographic Survery includes fourteen images from the collections at the Arizona Historical Society.

"Henry O. Flipper in the Court of Private Land Claims: The Arizona Career of West Point's First Black Graduate," by Jane Eppinga. The Journal of Arizona History, Volume 36, Spring 1995, p.33-54.