In The Steps of Esteban: Tucson's African American Heritage

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Special Topics & Publications
Trailtones: The African-American Heritage of Arizona


In the past researchers have gone to the card catalogs of the library and searched the subject sections to find little that could be used for the study of Afro-American heritage. Today the Library of Congress has provided us with a list of subject headings under "Afro-American" that can be used. See Appendix C for terms that were listed in the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Some of the subject headings from the book mentioned that were not found in the catalog were:

BR1644.3 AFRO-American Pentecostals
BV1523.137 AFRO-American Sunday Schools
BX8116.3A37 AFRO-American Mennonites
GV884 AFRO-American Basketball Players
GR103 AFRO-American Children's Games Folklore
GV1204.12 AFRO-American Children's Games Recreation
RS122.5 AFRO-American Pharmacists
NE539.3.A35 AFRO-American Prints
Z695.U5 AFRO-American University & College Libraries
P94.5.A37 AFRO-American & Mass Media
GN130.N3 AFRO-American - Crainiology
BV2893 AFRO-American - Missions
E185.8 AFRO-American in Business

From the selection of books in the annotated bibliography are the books that deal with some of the topics above. Few books concerned with Afro-American heritage in Arizona were listed and that is why the search was expanded, in this case to include the heritage of a much wider area than the state of Arizona, as we know it today. Our heritage rests in the territorial papers of many states that were linked to us during the last century.

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