The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood

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Walking Tour
The Fort Lowell Cemetery

One mile west of San Pedro Chapel, at the comer of Old Fort Lowell Road and Laurel Street, is the tiny Fort Lowell Cemetery. Since the early 1900s the Cemetery has served the settlers of El Fuerte. To this day, descendants of those villagers continue to be buried there. Many markers have fallen, or the names and dates are no longer visible, but one sturdy cross marked 1910 still stands.

Following tradition, the families of those buried there clean and decorate the graves each year in preparation for El Día de los Muertos. Only descendants of the early Fuerteños may be buried there. A descendant of one of these early families is responsible for arranging burials.

In 1997, the Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association was able to acquire the Fort Lowell Cemetery as a gift from its former owner, Jean Porter, who felt that since it was "part of the history and tradition of the Fuerteños, the cemetery should belong to the neighborhood. Through its stewardship, the Association now is able to preserve and protect most of the religious and secular structures which served the early Fuerteños: The San Pedro Chapel, La Capillita, the Adobe House, and the Fort Lowell Cemetery. The ruins of San Ángel de la Guarda Church and of Sra. Josefa Mulé's house are also part of this stewardship.

Visitors are welcome to walk or drive past Fort Lowell Cemetery, but there is no parking available at the site and the gate is kept locked.

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