The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood

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Saturday, February 11
Special 2012 Arizona Centennial Event
Fort Lowell Day Celebration
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The earliest settlers in the Fort Lowell District came around 300 A.D. Since then, different communities have come and gone leaving behind their characteristic remains. These people were attracted to the area for the same reason: an abundance of water and fertile soil. Here the Tanque Verde and Pantano washes come together to form a new waterway, the Rillito. The land along the banks created an oasis in the midst of the dry Sonoran Desert. This is the story of the Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood as told by Rosamond B. Spicer, the neighborhood ethno-historian. In her words, "the story is like that of other areas across the country. It is the microcosm of the history of many communities over time."

This exhibit traces the history of the people who settled in the Fort Lowell area. Each button above represents a group of people who settled in the area: the Hohokam Indians, the Settlers between the years 1500-1850, the establishment of the Fort Lowell Military Camp, the Mexican settlers of El Fuerte (the Fort), the Anglo families who moved to the area after the 1920s, and Fort Lowell as it is today. Click on the buttons in the navigation bar above to learn more.

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