The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood

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Walking Tour
Map of the Old Fort Lowell Historic Neighborhood
Sites 1 - 9

Click on any number shown on the map, or the listing beside it, to read a description.

first map of Fort Lowell walking tour Go to Riparian Woodland Go to Hohokam -- Hardy Site Go to Early Settlers -- Pecan Orchard Go to Camp Lowell -- Cottonwood Lane Go to Post Hospital Go to Commanding Officer's Quarters Go to Band Barracks Go to Cavalry Corral and Stables Go to Best-Preserved Officer's Quarters
1. Riparian Woodland
2. Hohokam -- Hardy Site
3. Early Settlers -- Pecan Orchard
4. Camp Lowell -- Cottonwood Lane
5. Post Hospital
6. Commanding Officer's Quarters
7. Best-Preserved Officer's Quarters
8. Band Barracks
9. Cavalry Corral and Stables

Tour Map
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