The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood

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Walking Tour
Map of the Old Fort Lowell Historic Neighborhood
Sites 10 - 23

Click on any number shown on the map, or the listing beside it, to read a description.

Go to Corbett Ditch Go to C. García Home Go to Richard and Lupita Ochoa Home Go to Juan's House Go to P. García Home Go to La Tiendita Go to Hen House Wall Go to Post Trader's House Go to Commissary Go to Old Fort Lowell School and Union Church Go to La Capillita Go to San Pedro Chapel Go to El Callejón Go to Isidro Ochoa House Go to  Best-Preserved Officer's Quarters
10. Commissary
11. Post Trader's House
12. Isidro Ochoa House
13. El Callejón
14. Hen-House Wall
15. P. García Home
16. R. Ochoa Home
17. C. García Home
18. Juan's House
19. Corbett Ditch
20. La Tiendita
21. Old Fort Lowell School and Union Church
22. La Capillita
23. San Pedro Chapel

Tour Map
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