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How To Use Through Our Parents' Eyes?
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Our CommunitiesThe Through Our Parents’ Eyes website has been designed specifically with the Tucson community in mind. Members of the community are not only able to research and explore the history and culture of Tucson, but it is also possible for them to contribute to the website themselves.

The website is a continued work in progress. It contains web pages that were contributed to the site by UA classes, faculty, and been a project for undergraduate as well as graduate students. The biggest portion of the content on the history of people and places of Tucson comes from the Tucson community itself. It can be easy for a visitor to lose themselves in the wealth of information which the site provides. After all, the content is as interesting and diverse as the community it represents.

First-time visitors may find these links presented along the right-hand side of the web page to be the most useful:

homepage screenshotTo learn more about a specific ethnic group of Southern Tucson:

Click on the My Communities section found on the m-lefthand side of the homepage. You will be directed to a page giving an overview of the different ethnic groups in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

By clicking on a link to a specific group, Mexican-Americans for example, you will then be directed to a helpful area with more specific links: Hispanic Tucson, Biographies and Websites. If you see En Espanol it means that the content has been translted into Spanish.

To read a biograpical article, click on the Biographies link and you will go to a page with biographical sketches spanning much of Tucson's history.

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