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Illustrated guides show how to navigate and use the websites for research projects.

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February is African American History Month. Learn about Tucson's African American community in our website In The Steps of Esteban


Curriculum modules mapped to the Arizona Department of Education's Standards-Based Teaching and Learning

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Technical Notes
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Some websites include multimedia such as digital video. Digital video comes in a varieity of different formats and each requires specific software to view.

screenshot from the videos page in In The Steps of Esteban

Examples of different digital video you will find on Through Our Parents' Eyes include: Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Windows Mediaplayer, RealPlayer, and Apple's QuickTime.

Usually, if your computer does not have a particular player needed to view video, an alert appears on the screen. By following the site's supplied links and instructions, the application can be easily accessed and downloaded.

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If you access Through Our Parents' Eyes with a dial-up Internet connection, you may have trouble playing video because the files are very large.

Download the free versions of these players.
Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Windows MediaPlayer, RealPlayer, and Apple's QuickTime for Windows or the Mac. Also be sure you have the most recent versions of any player. This is especially important as new versions may fix security risks.



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