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Students will find Through Our Parents' Eyes to be an excellent resource for their coursework. The homepage allows you to dive into the rich cultural histories that make Southern Arizona so unique.

Google the website. There is a Google search bar at the bottom of the homepage. Enter keywords or subject terms here to retrieve a list of all the pages where the term(s) appear in the site. Clicking the button below the search bar turns off the "site only" search, and allows you to search the term(s) on the Internet. more >

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The Subject Guide, located in the navigation links on the righthand side of each screen, is a handy index of all the topics contained within Through Our Parents' Eyes. Click on one of the broad subjects at the top of the page to review a selection of websites, or simply scroll down the list to select a topic of interest. Each group of articles offers a quick link back to the top of the page. more >

Subject Guide
Also located on the homepage are sections labeled Our Communities and Regional Histories. These two sections offer quick access to histories of particular ethnic groups and locations throughout Southern Arizona. These items offer excellent background information for research papers and reports.
Our Communities and Regional Histories sections
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Students may want more information on a particular subject. Through Our Parents' Eyes offers a handy Contact link on the right side of the page, directly under the Subject Guide. This link opens up the email software on your computer enabling you to submit a question.

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