I Horse Sense
II Early Attempts
III The Line at Last!
IV The Early Years
V Rebirth and Expansion
VI Is-zing into the Future

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Hooves & Rails: 
A History Of The Tucson Street Railway (1897-1906)

U of A Map, 1903, showing car shelter

University of Arizona Library - Special Collections
University of Arizona Library - Special Collections

The old car shelter was apparently later replaced for a short time by a second shelter of unknown type. A series of maps of the campus were published in successive UA Registers. The Register was what in later years was called the catalogue, listing classes offered and giving facts about the school. The earliest map was labeled "Student Survey, 1901". It does not show a shelter and has the Tucson Street Railway labeled in the location where the shelter likely would have been. The next map, reproduced here, shows a structure within the right-of-way of Third Street and the car line turning north up Park which had happened in March 1903. The third map, published for the 1904-05 school year no longer shows the shelter. No photographs of either of the shelters have been found. However, the 1903 annual report lists expenditures for two additional shelters called: "Station 'Plumer', $59.45" and "Station 'Gould', $18.79". The Gould station obviously would have been at the Gould cottages, and the Plumer station is presumed to have been at the Street Railway Park, which land was purchased from Natt E. Plumer and his wife Mabel and Fred J. and Aurelia B. Steward.

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